Maintaining Your AEG – Airsoft 101

The vast majority of airsofters begin playing with AEGs. As they will typically be the most cost effective choice and requires the least amount of maintenance. With that stated, the maintenance required of AEGs is paramount and will lead to a longer lifespan for your airsoft gun. Listed below are some tips and tricks to keeping your AEG running for as long as possible.

Clean the inner barrel

This is probably the most undervalued piece of advice we can give. Not only does cleaning your inner barrel result in more accurate and consistent shots, it will help keep your inner parts from being destroyed.  The inner barrel is a direct route for debris to get inside your gearbox. Ask any tech and they will agree that your cylinder head, piston head, and more will thank you for keeping debris out.

Don’t leave batteries plugged into the gun indefinitely

This tip doesn’t solely apply to airsoft, but to electronics as a whole. Leaving batteries   plugged in your AEG can lead to a potential corrosion of the batteries. That same corrosion can have permanent effects on the airsoft gun.

Tenergy 11.1v stick with Deans plug inserted in a Classic Army Nemesis tube

Using the RIGHT battery

AEGs are capable of running many types of batteries of various voltages so long as the connectors are the same. However one should only use the recommended battery type for your specific model of AEG. Some batteries are of a higher voltage and discharge rating and can cause serious damage if your gun has not been modified to handle said voltage/discharge ratting.

 With this small list anyone should be able to properly maintain their AEG for years to come.

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