What To Do When You Encounter A Cheater!

We’ve all been there! You’re out on the field prowling for enemies when all of a sudden you spot someone. They haven’t noticed you yet but they’re definitely in range. You aim your airsoft gun and are sure you have them in your sights. You pull the trigger and a BB or several pepper your target. You see the BB’s make contact with the target and bounce right off. However, what happens next is nothing short of frustrating. The opponent, instead of raising his hand or signaling he has been eliminated, either runs away or re-engages as if they were not hit. When these moments happen it’s important to remember getting mad will not solve the issue. Here are a few ideas to try instead.

Continue Shooting

Most times it’s best to give the player the benefit of the doubt. It’s not outside the realm of possibility the enemy player simply did not feel the contact of the BB. Distance can be a big factor in this case. As the distance lengthens the BB can loose momentum. The gear being worn can also play a huge part in this scenario. If the enemy is wearing any type of thicker clothing or plate carrier/chest rig. It is possible that the BB made contact with the thicker fabric. Making it difficult for anyone to feel the contact. If this is the case, then simply shooting BB’s until the player reacts would be the best course of action. As this will lead to fewer confrontations. This is not to say it is justified to empty entire magazines worth of rounds into another player. That is simply uncalled for and tarnishes the reputation of players and airsoft as a whole. Shooting one at a time until their hand is raised or they indicate they acknowledge contact with a BB has been made.

Tell the Referee/Admin

It’s most frustrating when you can clearly see the enemy player you just hit instantly react to the contact. Then continuing to play, knowing fully what they’re doing. When such an instance occurs, it is best to report the issue to the nearest referee or admin. It is their job to ensure that all players are adhering to the game rules. Also to take disciplinary action against those who do not participate properly. Do not take it upon yourself to call someone out or confront them by yourself. This could lead to further issues not only yourself, but the field staff and your fellow players. Report any and all instances of cheating and if enough complaints from other participants. Then that player will most likely be handled in a way that the field staff deems appropriate.

Airsoft is a game that requires its players to be honorable, truthful, and mindful of others. As frustrating as it might be when someone doesn’t call their hits. It is important to remember to be honorable and call your hits. Be truthful and respect the game/field rules, and mindful of your fellow players simply looking to have a good time just like you.



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