Setting the Standard

The KWA USP Tactical represents the standard of what a gas blowback airsoft pistol should be. The KWA USP Tactical is not replacing the USP series. To set the record straight, the H&K USP Tactical is the official tactical upgrade of the USP by adding a threaded barrel and higher sight set for suppressor use, and an adjustable rear sight for more precise shooting.

The KWA USP Tactical has been in the airsoft market for about a year. I remember when they first came out; they flew off the shelf of the Airsoft GI warehouse (probably the fact that they use this gun in Counter Strike 😉 ). Nevertheless, compared to the traditional USP, the USP Tactical is definitely the cooler version. The KWA USP Tactical has the NS2 system in it; therefore, it has superb gas efficiency.

Then versus now

One of the greatest gas blowback pistols ever created for the airsoft market is the KWA KP8 pistol. The KWA KP8 was very popular due to its thick magazine which gave the user high gas capacity. Although the KP8 gas blowback pistol did not disappoint the crowd, the end users complained that the close magazine design made it harder to load, and the users were unable to tell how many were left in the magazine.

Years later, KWA announced they were going to release the NS2 internal system. The new system uses gas more efficiently and it makes the pistol shoot harder and recoil harder. The NS2 system truly changed the airsoft market, and set the standard for future gas blowback pistols. So far, there are no other gas systems out in the market that are as good as the NS2 system by KWA, except for the KWA P.T.P. (Professional Training Pistol) series. KWA also addressed the close magazine issue, making the new USP NS2 magazines much easier for the user to load, and count the rounds in their magazines.

The KP8 and KWA USP NS2 have been in the airsoft market for a very long time. The KWA USP NS2 is just an updated version from the KP8, and they are fully licensed by Heckler & Koch. The airsoft market is pretty much bored with the USP design, and demands something different after all these years. KWA did not ignore their customers and fans request. The engineers at KWA went to the drawing board, and came out with not 1, but 3 different USP variants. They are the USP Tactical, USP Compact Tactical, and the USP Match. For this article’s purposes, I am only going to focus on the USP Tactical.

The USP Tactical from KWA truly is an excellent addition to their awesome gas blowback pistol line. Compared to the traditional USP, the USP Tactical comes with a set of higher iron sights, an adjustable rear sight, and a thread barrel. Since the threaded barrel is not the traditional 14mm diameter, finding a barrel extension for the KWA USP tactical is extremely hard. Nevertheless, it still adds a unique and tactical look to this particular pistol.

KWA is no stranger to paying extreme attention to detail. On the USP series, there is an ambidextrous safety lever. The safety lever also acts as a de-cocking lever. One thing that annoys me is the way airsofters and movie stars de-cock the hammer. In the real firearm world, de-cocking the gun incorrectly can result in a catastrophic and tragic ending.

I have noticed that 99% of movie stars ride the hammer and pull the trigger at the same time to de-cock the gun. What airsofters don’t realize is that on the movie set, the guns the actors/actresses are using are 200% sure unloaded. Since it is on the big silver screen or TV, most airsofters will just do the same. In some cases, airsofters just pull the magazine out and pull the trigger. Even though “it is only airsoft”, the bad habits a person develop in airsoft will transfer to real firearms. It is only matter of time that an accidental discharge happens.

KWA designed their USP series (and M9) to be as realistic as possible. Therefore, the KWA USP series has a functioning de-cocker. The proper way of handling the gun after firing is, the user will eject the magazine; visually (look) and physically (finger) inspect the chamber. After that, press the slide release to send the slide forward. Lastly, the operator should press the de-cocker to safely de-cock the gun. That is what KWA intended the user to do, and that is what Heckler & Koch intended the operator to do.

Range Time

KWA has always performed exceptionally well, and I am pleased to tell you that from first hand experience. During the test, I used the KSC Perfect BBs 0.20g. KWA not only manufactured the world’s best airsoft gas blowback pistol, they have also perfected their line of BBs. The KWA Perfect BBs performed flawlessly in the KWA USP Tactical. The KWA USP Tactical shot at 350 FPS with green gas, consistently. KWA not only made their NS2 line gas efficient, but also very consistent.

Once I completed the initial chronograph test of the gun, I began the range test. I set up the target at 10ft. the grouping was what I expected a KWA should have. I shot a 2.5 inch grouping at the distance of 10ft, which is no surprise. As I started moving back to 20ft, the grouping started to enlarge. However, it was surprising to me that at 20 feet, I shot a 3.5 inch grouping. At 30 feet, I shot a 5 inch grouping, which for an airsoft gun is considered superb.

The KWA USP Tactical definitely performed beyond my expectations. Since KWA paid so much attention when building the gun, it is no surprise that most holsters out in the market fit it perfectly. Along with the G-Code XST holster, the KWA USP Tactical is the perfect secondary weapon when going to an airsoft skirmish. Check out the G-Code XST holster and the KWA USP Tactical at I am Andrew, stay safe, stay sharp, thanks for joining me.


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