The First Ever Airsoft GI Iron Sight Pistol Challenge Was A Great Success!

We had a lot of fun at the first ever Airsoft GI Iron Sight Pistol Challenge this past Saturday, and would like to thank everyone who came out and helped make it such a success. A special thank you to KWA for sponsoring the event, and Congratulations to Andrew “Drewcifer” Loya for winning the competition and to Drek “Yes” Ngo for being the runner up! We can’t wait to have another one of these competitions in the future!

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It’s important when playing airsoft to remember to always be safe and respectful of others. When we forget these key points, it makes it easier for those who don’t support airsoft to say that it is dangerous and unsafe to play. The Airsoft Safety Foundation is committed to promoting the proper and safe practices of our hobby. Be sure to check out their website by clicking on the image below.

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