Rapid Response Weapon – The Dynamic Airsoft Gun

The classic custom airsoft guns created by Airsoft GI consist of nothing but the best parts. The Airsoft GI G4 series are an affordable line of Airsoft GI custom guns tailored specifically for the general airsoft population. The G4s consist of reliable and durable parts that will last the players for quite sometime. The Airsoft GI Professional Series customs are the more expensive customs, but they are designed for the ultimate performance, reliability, and durability.

Yesterday, the head technician at Airsoft GI, Frank, brought over his new Airsoft GI Custom Airsoft Electric Rifle. It was in a KWA box. I did not know what to expect. When I first opened the box, it was love at first sight. And boy, let me tell you, it did not disappoint me or the marketing department. Let me introduce you to my little friend, the R.R.W. – Rapid Response Weapon.

Design Features

If you were to pick up the R.R.W., you would notice that it feels extremely similar to a standard M4 A.E.G. However, the R.R.W. is designed to fulfill one very specific purpose, rapid response. Rapid response is extremely important in a close quarter battle environment. The easier it is to control your rifle, the faster you can identify your target. The faster you can identify your target, the faster you can shoot, which can increase your survivability on the battlefield.

The base gun of the Airsoft GI Custom R.R.W. is the most reliable and durable airsoft gun in the market, the KWA KM4. The internals are the best and the metal body is extremely solid. Our head technician disassembled the entire gun, with the exception of the body, internal parts and the buffer tube. He then installed premium accessories on the base gun, and the R.R.W. is born.

Starting from the rear of the gun, the Rapid Response Weapon features a Magpul MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) butt stock. The MOE is famous for its superb durability, and it adds a unique look to the weapon. Next up, Frank installed the Magpul MIAD grip. Not only does the MIAD grip give the gun a “tacticool” look, but it also increases the ergonomics of the weapon. Everyone knows that Magpul manufactures the best shooting accessories in the firearm industry. Therefore, the R.R.W. comes with a set of Magpul P-Mags with the M.F.T. (Mission First Tactical) magazine clamp. This will decrease the operator’s reloading time and increase his/her survivability.

For the rail, Frank chose the excellent Madbull Troy VTac Rail. This rail’s unique design helps save weight and increase ergonomics because it is skinnier and it allows the operator to add or remove rails. To further increase ergonomics, Frank chose to install the Magpul AFG (Angle Forward Grip). Frank chose the HK416 style sights for their lower profile and easy accessibility. Finally, Frank chose the Rainier Arms flash hider to give it the ultimate bad ass look.


This gun is built for close quarter battle; therefore I chose the AMP Compact Combat Red Dot scope as my optic of choice. Since it is a small gun, I figured that a compact optic would be perfect for it. Red dot optics help me acquire targets faster, especially in a low light environment. The red dot aligns to my right eye naturally when I bring the gun up into my shoulder. I mounted the red dot sight more forward, which increases my target acquisition speed.

I see a lot of shooters mount their Aimpoint, red dot sight, holographic sight farther back than they should, and I see shooters shoot with just one eye open with those types of optics. That is a common mistake that shooters make everyday. The red dot was invented for the handgun racing community, and the sight is pushed out, along with the gun, all the way away from your face. In addition, when you mount the red dot sight all the way back, you are restricting your battlefield awareness. You are forcing yourself to look at the battlefield through a tiny circle. When you mount your optic farther out, not only can you acquire targets faster, but also, your situational awareness increases.

Field Report

Obviously with a 7 inch barrel, accuracy is not our main concern. Mainly, I wanted to test out the maneuverability. I am pleased to tell you that the R.R.W. has high maneuverability in confined spaces. I had no trouble moving the gun. The compactness of the R.R.W. also makes the operator a smaller target. It also makes the gun super concealable if needed.

After plugging in a 11.1v LiPo battery, the gun chronographed at 335 feet per second. The gun also registered more than 20 rounds per second, due to the awesomeness of the KWA motor. Along with the Mission First Tactical magazine clamp, the operator has 900 rounds (assuming using 2 G&G high capacity magazines) at his finger tips. When the first magazine is empty, all the operator needs to do is to move the magazine over. The operator does not need to look down and grab a fresh magazine.

Overall, the Airsoft GI Custom R.R.W. is an extremely solid airsoft gun. Head Technician Frank’s philosophy when building a custom gun is around reliability, durability and performance. This airsoft gun (or as I like to call it training utility), is perfect for indoor close quarter battle scenarios. Along with a good LiPo battery, high capacity magazines and the M.F.T. Magazine clamp, this gun is ready to tear up the battlefield. I am Andrew, until next time, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft!

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