The Best Custom 1911 Platform

The Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU pistol is a platform designed to be upgraded, from the slide to the hammer. Because of that, it is no surprise that the best and brightest in the airsoft community usually are the ones who purchase them and upgrade them. There are a lot of upgrade parts that you can put in the Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU base gun in order to make it perform and look the way you want. However, before we start discussing it, let’s talk about the 2 basic questions regarding building a custom 1911 airsoft gun.

Do you need a custom built 1911? The quick answer is no. Needs and wants are often confused by everyday consumers. No airsofter needs a custom built 1911, but a lot of them do need a 1911 that performs well. Performance and custom do not always mean the same thing, however, sometimes they can be. The last factory 1911 airsoft gun I purchased was the KWA 1911 MKIV P.T.P (Professional Training Pistol). Out of the box, the KWA 1911 MKIV P.T.P. was perfectly reliable, durable, and it is the best 1911 airsoft gun I have ever fired. However, the KWA 1911 P.T.P series have flooded the airsoft market. I wanted to see something different, so I contacted the gas blowback specialist of the airsoft industry. Luckily for me, he is also an Airsoft GI employee, his code name, Calloway.

For the second question, how much should you spend on a custom airsoft 1911? The answer is simple, as much as you can afford. The hard part is to balance the amount you spend with the performance and look that you want. Let’s look at this from another approach. A custom 1911 needs to be reliable, durable, and shoot the FPS that you want consistently. The amount you spend on this portion of your custom 1911 is totally justified. Things such as fancy grips or any other cosmetic related items are not necessities, but if you have the dough for it, then go for it.

Calloway’s 1911 LV Custom pistol is a perfect example of form and function. It is a combination of features designed to maximize the performance (reliability, consistency, and durability), and beauty. Calloway’s 1911 LV Custom pistol is intended for use in an outdoor airsoft skirmish, indoor airsoft skirmish, or even competition shooting. Calloway designed this pistol to handle every situation in any condition that an airsofter might encounter.

Calloway’s 1911 LV Custom starts with a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined aluminum frame and slide made by Nova. Calloway then upgraded every plastic part to either steel or aluminum, from slide catch to spring guide. These upgrades add extreme reliability and durability to the pistol. Calloway also installed a steel main spring housing with an extended magazine well. When I perform a speed reload, the magazine drops freely and the fresh magazine goes into the magazine well smoothly and without any hiccups.

For the internals, Calloway upgraded numerous internal parts to make this gun have top notch performance. Calloway installed the Airsoft Surgeon Aluminum Light Weight BBU, which increases the cycling rate. He also installed the Guarder 150% recoil spring, which further increases the cycling rate. His philosophy is more rounds down range, the better the chances of you surviving. Calloway installed a 6.01mm inner barrel into his custom 1911 in order to increase accuracy and the FPS.

For cosmetic purposes and further increasing ergonomics, Calloway installed a steel ambidextrous safety, so he can shoot the both left and right handed. For a stealthier and night stalker look, Calloway installed a blacked out steel hammer and trigger. It gives the gun a mysterious assassin look. The lower frame has front strap checkering, which adds friction and increases the grip. Calloway spent the extra money to get a set of VZ Gator Black Slim line grips. It is perfect for someone who prefers a smaller grip. VZ Grips are actually a 1911 grip company which makes grips for real steel 1911s, and they are quite expensive.

Range Test

To test this gun, Calloway was kind enough to let me take it out to the testing range. I set up the targets at 5 yards, 10 yards, and 20 yards, and tested out the grouping. This fine tuned machine shot as well as it is aesthetically pleasing. It shot a 1 ½ inch grouping at 5 yards, 2 ½ inch at 10, and 4 inches at 20 yards. But that did not surprise me, as Calloway put in so much effort into the gun. The thing that surprises me the most is how fast I am able to shoot this gun.

From the holster, I drew, lined up the sight, and shot 8 shots under 2 seconds at a 6 inch circle. I was using the G-Code XST holster for this test. Once I pressed the hood release, the hood snapped forward. Immediately I drew the gun and aimed at the target. I was amazed that the cycling rate was so fast that it sounded like a fully auto airsoft gun. But then again, at this speed, it was more likely the shooter than the gun. But I am still amazed at the gun’s cycling rate.

Based on the trigger time I had with this gun, I cannot argue that this gun is probably one of the best custom airsoft 1911s I have ever held in my hand. Not only did this gun perform above the KWA 1911 P.T.P. series pistol; this gun also has the look of an angel. Calloway built this pistol for serious airsofters; whether it is for competition or skirmish. Although this is an expensive custom gun, it is worth every single penny. Check out the pictures in this post, they might blow your mind. I am Andrew from, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft!

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  • So technically I can modify my KWA M1911 PTP w/ after market slide? Cuz in my opinion the Mark I is perfect to me except the marking on the slide and on the ejecting port…

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