SEALs Weapons, BRO!

The Navy SEALs CQB Kit, MP5 and Sig 226

As most of you would agree with me, the United States Navy SEALs is probably the most elite special operation unit in the world. The most notorious terrorist leader was taken out by one of the Navy SEALs team. Of course, special teams require special weapon systems.

MK18 and Sig Wallpaper

After long and extensive research, the Navy SEALs use numerous different types of weapon systems to enhance their performance and help them accomplish their missions. Since it is going to be a long list, I am going to focus on the one that I think is the most significant and most critical. Your opinion may differ, but stop hating.

Primary weapons

The M4 with SOPMOD Kit is a typical weapon which is used by the SEALs on a typical mission.

The primary weapon systems a Navy SEAL operators use is the M4/M16 platform. The reason behind that is because the 5.56/.223 caliber is the standard caliber for the entire United States military. The M4/M16 platform is extremely light, modular, reliable, durable, and effective. The first platform the SEALs use is the standard M4 RIS, which is used in a typical mission. The M4 MK18 is also available to the SEALs if they choose so. The MK18 has a shorter barrel which aids the SEALs in a CQB setting.

The MK18 is also a SEALs favorite, due to the fact that it is a short carbine for indoor and outdoor settings.

The typical accessories which the SEALs use are optics, flashlights, M203 grenade launchers and PEQ boxes. Aimpoints and ACOGs are usually the choice of the SEALs. The ACOG has a 4x power magnification, which is great for outdoor. The Aimpoint can aid the SEALs to have a faster target acquisition, which is perfect for CQB. The PEQ box is used most frequently as an IR aiming laser to either 1) aim at people when shooting with NVGs mounted or 2) aim at structures/buildings/landmarks when marking targets for CAS (Close Air Support).

A closer look at the M4 SOPMOD

If you would like to build a similar set up for the M4 RIS, I recommend the KWA KM4 RIS. Put an Aim Sports 4×32 or a red dot scope on it, along with the D Boy 3 in 1 grenade launcher, it will look extremely similar to the one that is currently used by the SEALs.

A closer look at the MK18

If you would like to build a similar set up for the MK18, I highly recommend the Lancer Tactical MK18. Under $100, this gun is perfect for any beginner. Along with the red dot scope, and the Bravo flashlight, you are ready for battle!

Specialized Weapons

The two main specialized weapon systems which the SEALs use are the MP5A5 and the M14 EBR. For CQB, the SEALs use the H&K MP5 sub machine gun. Small and light, this weapon is employed by anti terrorist and special reaction forces throughout the world. The SEALs kept this weapon system simple; the only accessory on the MP5 is a flashlight.

In CQB, the SEALs use the MP5 Sub Machine gun!

For airsoft, I highly recommend the Umarex MP5A5. It is fully licensed by H&K, so it is as close to the real MP5 as possible. It is made by G&G, therefore it has superior internals.

The MP5 is also used by anti-terrorists and special reaction forces throughout the world.

The M14 EBR is an enhanced version of the good old M14. The SEALs recognized the effectiveness of the M14, which is the reason why they adopted the M14 as their main sniper rifle. However, since the battlefield has evolved, so has the M14. The EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) increased the ergonomics of the older M14; it also allows the SEALs to use it in CQB settings.

The G&G HBA is an excellent replica of the M14 EBR

The G&G M14 HBA is the perfect replica of the M14 EBR. Along with a 10x power scope and the D-boy Bipod, you are ready for mid to long range engagements. Since it has enhanced ergonomics, you can also do CQB with it, although I highly discourage you from doing so.

A Closer look at the G&G HBA

Side arms

Although the H&K MK23 is often the SEALs trademark, a lot of people do not know that the SEALs actually use the Sig P226 as well, and they actually prefer the Sig P226. The reason behind this is the H&K MK23 is a huge and heavy pistol. In the SEALs world, since they usually operate alone and often without support, they need to have as much ammunition as possible. The round count of the MK23 is 12+1 while the P226 15+1. 9mm is also lighter than the .45 ACP, which means the SEALs can carry more ammunition.

The SEALs actually perferred the SIG 226 over the H&K MK23

The KWA P226 and the Cyber Gun P226 is the perfect choice. Both are excellent guns. KWA is famous for their high performing gas blow back guns, while Cyber Gun is famous for their licensing.

Both KWA and Cybergun 226 are excellent replicas of the SIG 226

Support Weapons

The famous support weapon which is employed by the elite Navy SEALs is the M60 MK43. In a typical SEALs mission, at least one of the members will more than likely carry a MK43. The SEALs’ philosophy is, in any fight, it is essential that they first stun target with an all out fury, then quickly fade away in the confusion. The MK43 is the perfect tool for that philosophy. Since the SEAL’s attack relies on intense violence and the impact of shock force to create a temporary appearance of superior strength, the M60 MK43 can accomplish the most destruction with minimal amount of effort.

In a support role, the SEALs choose the MK43.

For airsoft, the A&K M60E4 MK43 is the perfect choice. The A&K MK43 is the most affordable M60 in the entire airsoft market. It features a box fed magazine and a bipod. However, the most unique features of this gun is the adjustable rate of fire. Depending on the operator, he/she can adjust the rate of fire on this gun.

The A&K MK43 is an excellent replica!

So, keep in mind that the Navy SEALs can set up their weapon anyway they want. This is just a generalization of what the Navy SEALs use. So airsofters, respect one another. Check out the “Act of Valor” movie, and get your Navy SEALs guns at today! I am Andrew, stay sharp, and get out and play airsoft!