New Products And Videos From Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI – Airsoft GI WE L85 GBBR w/ Madbull Daniel Defense RIS

Airsoft GI – New SOCOM Gear Gemtech Oasis High Power Gas Pistol

Airsoft GI – Airsoft GI King Arms Colt M4 GBBR w/ Daniel Defense MRE RIS

And A Bunch Of New Products!

Echo1 MAX Series Light Weight Piston w/ Metal Teeth (V2)

ECHO 1 MAX Series Gear Sets – Different gear ratios available. Also in helical and flat type.

ECHO 1 SOB Swordfish MK5 200Rds High Capacity Magazine (Straight)

ECHO 1 Full Metal Big SOB Swordfish MK5 Airsoft Gun

ECHO 1 Full Metal Small SOB Swordfish MK5K Airsoft Gun

G&G MK5A4 Blowback Airsoft Gun (Sportline)

Bravo Light Weight Mich Style Helmet – Available in ATACS, Multicam, and Desert Digital

Strike Industries Cobra Trigger Guard for M4/M16/AR – Available in OD, Tan, and Black, and in different orientations/combinations

UTG M490 Combat/Trench Military Style Multi-Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun

J-Tech 1000D Cordura CP-4 Combat Chest Rig – Available in Black, Tan, and OD

A&K Masada CQB RIS Kit – Available in Dark Earth and Black

Guarder Speeder 2000 Chronograph Gen. 3

Guarder STI Night Hawk Metal Slide for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 (Two Tone)

MagPul PTS AAC Blackout 51T MITER Flash Hider – Available with CW or CCW threading

Contour ROAM Waterproof Case (Green)

Contour Head Band Mount V.2

Contour Hat Mount

V-Force Grill Dual Panel Thermal Replacement Lens (Smoke)

V-Force Vantage Dual Panel Thermal Replacement Lens – Available in smoke and clear