“Ghost” Loadout

Ghost Wallpaper

Working in sales here at Airsoft G.I. I get a lot of questions regarding the various tactical gear loadouts our marketing department has compiled. Our most popular of these loadouts being our “ghost” loadout. There has actually been several variations but the most recognizable was featured in our Ghost vs Teh Noob video, in which Tim’s own plate carrier was used. To provide our customers a reference (and hopefully save myself some time answering questions) I have listed it’s components below.

OE TECH Plate Carrier with Cummerbund (OD)
OE TECH Hydration Carrier (OD)
OE TECH Roll-Up Utility Pouch (OD)
OE TECH Utility Molle Pouch (OD)
OE TECH M4/M16 Triple Magazine Molle Pouch (OD)
Maxpedition Monkey Combat Admin Pouch (OD)
Schampa Skull Balaclava (Black)

Also, he was wearing sunglasses and a soft shell we do not carry. Comparable substitutes would be the OE TECH Soft Shell Jacket (FG) and the Revision Hellfly Kit (BLK/SMOKE). But, as always give us a call if you have any questions.

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