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Operation Lion Claws I

My First John Lu Operation

Firstly, I would like to say how thankful I am to John Lu for deciding to have the first Operation Lion Claws right near where I grew up just outside of Bakersfield, CA at what used to be known as Target Zone paintball right along Poso Creek. I honestly had no idea how big of a series this was going to be when I first signed up, I just remember feeling overjoyed that Col. Danny Mcknight was not only going to be commanding a force of airsofters in a mock battle but that he would be doing so in Kern County!


Shockers, Bro!

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Airsoft In California Is Under Attack Again!

That’s right airsofters! It’s time once again to act to save our sport! CA SB1315 is going to vote by the CA Senate Public Safety Committee today! If you are a California voter start calling right now and ask them to vote no on SB1315!

Below is a list of the senators and their office numbers. Call in, state your name and zip code and request a no vote on SB1315.

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After you’ve finished taking advantage of the awesome savings, here are some awesome new videos and products to check out!

Airsoft GI – G&G G980 CO2 Bolt Action Real Wood Full Metal WWII Airsoft Rifle (KAR98)

Airsoft GI – Umarex H&K G36C and UMP Fully Licensed Sportline Airsoft Guns

Airsoft GI – Umarex H&K G36C Sportline Stress Test With Two UK Arms C-Mags Aprox. 4000 Rounds

GSG-522 Full Metal PDW AEG Airsoft Gun

GSG-522 Full Metal PK AEG Airsoft Gun

GSG-522 AEG Airsoft Gun

Swiss Arms 1-4×20 Railed Tactical Scope

Swiss Arms 3×32 Compact Scope

SRC SR4 M4 CQBR AEG Airsoft Gun

Lancer Tactical 4×35 Support Weapon Scope

And don’t forget to check out all the rest of the awesome new products added to daily!

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Airsoft GI – What You Are Missing On GITV Uncut!

Airsoft GI – H&K G36c & UMP Sportline Licensed AEG Airsoft Guns Range and Accuracy Test

Airsoft GI – KWA CQR MOD1 and MOD2 Pre Production Preview Information and Discussion

Airsoft GI – KWA Tokarev TT 33 GBB Full Metal Pistol Preview w/ Hikaru from KWA

Airsoft GI – NC Star Manufacturer Highlight – Vism Centerbeam, Vantage, Red Dot, Green Laser

Airsoft GI – Intense MOUT Action At Echo 1 Appreciation Day 2012 Desert Fox Fields

Airsoft GI – Affordable GBB Pistols – $100 Range – WE M9, 1911, Hi Capa Dragon, and High Power

Ares M4 / M16 (10 Pack) 140rds Mid Capacity Plastic Magazine

Umarex H&K G36C AEG Airsoft Gun (Black / Sportline)

Umarex H&K UMP AEG Airsoft Gun (Black / Sportline)

Save Phace Flesh Phace Full Face Mask

Airsoft GI Custom Dragoon M4 AEG Airsoft Gun

Javelin Airsoft Works Grenadier Electric BlowBack Airsoft Gun (Lipo Battery & Charger Package)

G&G F2000 Hunter Airsoft Gun

More Bob Vs Tim II Footage, Plus Lots More To Get You Through The Weekend!

Here is the official footage from Game 2 of Bob Vs. Tim II – The Timpire Strikes Back! Plus some other great videos and products to help get you through the weekend. Get Out And Play!

Tim vs Bob II – Game 2 of The Timpire Strikes Back! Desert Fox Fields MOUT Facility

Madbull And S-Thunder 40mm Grenade Demonstration With Lancer Tactical SAL

Condor Gear Featured in Left 4 Dead Impulse 76 Film – THANK YOU CONDOR!

Javelin Airsoft Gun Works Manufacturer Highlight – M24, M4-A1, AK, Battle Veteran

Echo 1 and Desert Fox Fields are Proud to Announce another Echo 1 Appreciation Day Game

New Products!

WE 1911 Single Stack Magazine Follower

Pantac Duty Belt w/ Cobra Buckle ( M / Black )

Modify Modular Torque Gear Set for Tokyo Marui Ver2/3

Specter Modular Plate Carrier 2

Speed Airsoft M4/M16 AEG Magazine Button with Pin Tool ( Black )

HSS Belt Mounted Roll Up Dump Pouch (Tan)

Costa Ludus T-Shirt

G&P/Socom Gear 340rnds Troy Battle Magazine

Echo 1 2012 Appreciation Game – Ticket Registration for Tan Force

Echo 1 2012 Appreciation Game – Ticket Registration for Green Force