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Airsoft GI – What You Are Missing On GITV Uncut!

Airsoft GI – H&K G36c & UMP Sportline Licensed AEG Airsoft Guns Range and Accuracy Test

Airsoft GI – KWA CQR MOD1 and MOD2 Pre Production Preview Information and Discussion

Airsoft GI – KWA Tokarev TT 33 GBB Full Metal Pistol Preview w/ Hikaru from KWA

Airsoft GI – NC Star Manufacturer Highlight – Vism Centerbeam, Vantage, Red Dot, Green Laser

Airsoft GI – Intense MOUT Action At Echo 1 Appreciation Day 2012 Desert Fox Fields

Airsoft GI – Affordable GBB Pistols – $100 Range – WE M9, 1911, Hi Capa Dragon, and High Power

Ares M4 / M16 (10 Pack) 140rds Mid Capacity Plastic Magazine

Umarex H&K G36C AEG Airsoft Gun (Black / Sportline)

Umarex H&K UMP AEG Airsoft Gun (Black / Sportline)

Save Phace Flesh Phace Full Face Mask

Airsoft GI Custom Dragoon M4 AEG Airsoft Gun

Javelin Airsoft Works Grenadier Electric BlowBack Airsoft Gun (Lipo Battery & Charger Package)

G&G F2000 Hunter Airsoft Gun

It Is Time Again To Choose Sides! The War Continues!

The Timpire Strikes Back! It is time again to choose which side you will fight for, because the war is far from over! Join the ranks on 2/18/2012 for Bob Vs. Tim 2!!!

Until then, spend your time between training for battle watching these awesome new videos from Airsoft GI!

NC Star Shoulder Holster VIP Protection

New Dye And Proto Facemasks Available From Airsoft GI

Elite Force M1911 Special Pre-Production Sample

BLACKHAWK! SERPA Holster for 1911/M9/Glock/ATP Overview

JG M4A1 Enhanced Version AEG

Make sure you have everything you will need to not only fight, but to win with all of these great new products.

Airsoft GI High Profile 30mm Scope Rings

AR (M4) Value Package A

AR (M4) Value Package B

OE TECH Defender Plate Carrier (OD)

MagPul Dynamics “Art of The Precision Rifle” DVD Vol.5

OPERATION Lion Claws 10 DVD Autographed by Col. McKnight (ret.)

BRAVO Metal / Fake Wood 1892 Gas Lever Action Airsoft Gun

ECHO 1 M28 Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (TAN)

Dye Tactical Replacement Lenses

ECHO 1 Full Metal Timberwolf Airsoft Gun

Full Line of Dye Tactical Face Masks

Javelin Airsoft Works M4-A1 Warrior ABS Series Electric BlowBack Airsoft Gun (Battery & Charger Package)

AIM Sports Cantilever Mount w/ 30mm Scope Ring & 1″ Insert

AMP Tactical Red/Green Dot Scope

Javelin Airsoft Works M933 Warrior ABS Series Electric BlowBack Airsoft Gun (Battery & Charger Package)

Javelin Airsoft Works Full Metal / Real Wood AK-74U Battle Veteran Series Electric BlowBack Airsoft Gun

Javelin Airsoft Works Full Metal / Real Wood AK-47 Battle Veteran Series Electric BlowBack Airsoft Gun

New Products And Videos From Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI – Airsoft GI WE L85 GBBR w/ Madbull Daniel Defense RIS

Airsoft GI – New SOCOM Gear Gemtech Oasis High Power Gas Pistol

Airsoft GI – Airsoft GI King Arms Colt M4 GBBR w/ Daniel Defense MRE RIS

And A Bunch Of New Products!

Echo1 MAX Series Light Weight Piston w/ Metal Teeth (V2)

ECHO 1 MAX Series Gear Sets – Different gear ratios available. Also in helical and flat type.

ECHO 1 SOB Swordfish MK5 200Rds High Capacity Magazine (Straight)

ECHO 1 Full Metal Big SOB Swordfish MK5 Airsoft Gun

ECHO 1 Full Metal Small SOB Swordfish MK5K Airsoft Gun

G&G MK5A4 Blowback Airsoft Gun (Sportline)

Bravo Light Weight Mich Style Helmet – Available in ATACS, Multicam, and Desert Digital

Strike Industries Cobra Trigger Guard for M4/M16/AR – Available in OD, Tan, and Black, and in different orientations/combinations

UTG M490 Combat/Trench Military Style Multi-Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun

J-Tech 1000D Cordura CP-4 Combat Chest Rig – Available in Black, Tan, and OD

A&K Masada CQB RIS Kit – Available in Dark Earth and Black

Guarder Speeder 2000 Chronograph Gen. 3

Guarder STI Night Hawk Metal Slide for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 (Two Tone)

MagPul PTS AAC Blackout 51T MITER Flash Hider – Available with CW or CCW threading

Contour ROAM Waterproof Case (Green)

Contour Head Band Mount V.2

Contour Hat Mount

V-Force Grill Dual Panel Thermal Replacement Lens (Smoke)

V-Force Vantage Dual Panel Thermal Replacement Lens – Available in smoke and clear

A Ton of New Videos and Products From Airsoft GI!

Tim goes over one of our new F-Chu customs

This is Airsoft GI commercial

Our most recent employee game at Insight Interactive

Tim interviews Sgt. Scott Graham of the LA County Sheriff’s Department

KWA’s new USP tacical compact

Recap of Airsoft GI’s Epic Sale

You are so beautiful

And a TON of new products!

Full Metal SIG 226 Blowback Pistol Airsoft Gun (Threaded Adaptor / Desert Camo) Licensed by Cybergun

BOL MK2 Grenade Discharger

Save Phace Thermal Yellow Replacement Lens (for Tactical Mask)

Elite Force M4 CQB Sportline Carbine (by ARES) Airsoft Gun (Tan)

Polar Star FPS Adjustment Air Nozzle for PR-15 – Different FPS models available

Bravo Tactical Gear Special Force Body Armor (Tan)

Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Distraction Device Grenades Beginner Package (3 Pack)

Hakkotsu “Distraction Device” Package for Thunder B CO2 Sound Grenade – Replacement shells available also.

Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade & Free Distraction Device Kit (Black)

G&G 9.6v 1500mAh NiMH 2-Piece Battery for G&G G26

G&G Tactical Rail (RIS Unit) for FN Herstal F2000

G&G GOS-V1 Retractable Stock for G26 & M4 Series (Tan)

H&K Full Metal USP Tactical Compact NS2 Airsoft Gun ( Threaded Outer Barrel )

Modify Quantum Silver-Plated Ultra Low Resistance Wire Cord