A Ton of New Videos and Products From Airsoft GI!

Tim goes over one of our new F-Chu customs

This is Airsoft GI commercial

Our most recent employee game at Insight Interactive

Tim interviews Sgt. Scott Graham of the LA County Sheriff’s Department

KWA’s new USP tacical compact

Recap of Airsoft GI’s Epic Sale

You are so beautiful

And a TON of new products!

Full Metal SIG 226 Blowback Pistol Airsoft Gun (Threaded Adaptor / Desert Camo) Licensed by Cybergun

BOL MK2 Grenade Discharger

Save Phace Thermal Yellow Replacement Lens (for Tactical Mask)

Elite Force M4 CQB Sportline Carbine (by ARES) Airsoft Gun (Tan)

Polar Star FPS Adjustment Air Nozzle for PR-15 – Different FPS models available

Bravo Tactical Gear Special Force Body Armor (Tan)

Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Distraction Device Grenades Beginner Package (3 Pack)

Hakkotsu “Distraction Device” Package for Thunder B CO2 Sound Grenade – Replacement shells available also.

Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade & Free Distraction Device Kit (Black)

G&G 9.6v 1500mAh NiMH 2-Piece Battery for G&G G26

G&G Tactical Rail (RIS Unit) for FN Herstal F2000

G&G GOS-V1 Retractable Stock for G26 & M4 Series (Tan)

H&K Full Metal USP Tactical Compact NS2 Airsoft Gun ( Threaded Outer Barrel )

Modify Quantum Silver-Plated Ultra Low Resistance Wire Cord