First Look at the KWA KRISS Gas Blow Back SMG

KWA KRISS Gas Blow Back, finally revealed at S.H.O.T. Show 2012.

Thanks to my boss, I had the chance to attend S.H.O.T. Show again this year. As you know, S.H.O.T. Show is a trade show, only for vendors, retailers, manufacturers, and media related to the shooting, hunting, and the outdoors. The show is so restrictive that even cameras are not allowed except for the press (Bloggers are included, as long as they have a media badge).

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Most of you would agree with me that KWA is one of the best airsoft companies in the world. Every year, KWA has continued to improve the quality of their products. What separates KWA from other manufacturers is the way they look at airsoft. The engineers at KWA do not just copy the existing airsoft gun designs. They actually design their guns from the ground up, which makes their guns more unique, more reliable and more efficient. The most significant and innovative airsoft gun that hit S.H.O.T. Show this year was the KWA KRISS Sub Machine Gun.

I saw the KWA KRISS gas blow back airsoft gun at S.H.O.T. Show last week, and I was very impress by it. Since the KWA booth and the KRISS Arms booth were right next to each other, I did a side by side comparison between both guns. I was amazed by it. The feel of both KWA and real KRISS are very similar. The ambidextrous controls on the Airsoft KRISS and real KRISS are the same, as well as the dimensions of both systems.

One of the unique features of the KWA KRISS is the ability to perform a “press check”. As you shooters know, the function of a press check is to ensure there is a round in your chamber. Operators can pull the bolt slightly backward and see if there is a round in the chamber. Similarly, airsofters can pull the bolt slightly backward and see if there are any BBs in the chamber.

KWA KRISS is so realistic even the press check (chamber check) function is aviable on it.

Earlier this week, I had the honor of interviewing the product manager, at KWA USA in City of Industry, regarding the KWA KRISS airsoft gun. As the product manager, Allen gave me his (and KWA’s) philosophy on airsoft. KWA is all about quality and customer satisfaction. Like I have mentioned before, the engineers design all KWA products from the ground up, in order to achieve maximum reliability, durability, and efficiency (especially in their gas blow back guns). That is the reason why the KWA KRISS prototype took forever to be revealed.

The KWA KRISS is broken down into 5 separate major groups.

Allen was kind enough to walk me through the break down process, which is exactly the same as the real KRISS. Just like the real KRISS, it breaks down into 5 major groups; upper receiver, lower receiver, barrel assembly, trigger assembly, and the bolt carrier group. The entire system, even the direction which the bolt travels is exactly the same.

KWA KRISS Upper Reciever w/ Foladable Stock Assembly.
KWA KRISS Lower Reciever Assembly
KWA KRISS Barrel Assembly
KWA KRISS Bolt Carrier Group (Gas Blow Back System).
KWA KRISS Trigger Assembly

The reason behind the KRISS Super V bolt design (which travels downward) is to reduce recoil, since it shoots the mighty .45 ACP caliber. Less recoil translates to faster follow up shots, as well as increased accuracy. KWA KRISS has even replicate the System V bolt design and will function exactly the same as the real counterpart.

KWA has manufactured 2 types of magazines which will fit the KRISS (Not ATP magazines). First type is the standard capacity magazine (24 rounds) which sits flush at the bottom of the receiver. The second type is the high capacity magazine (50 rounds) which will extend out of the bottom of the receiver, giving it a bad a*s look! (As you can see above!)

KWA also work closely with KRISS Arms and all the trademarks on the KWA KRISS are 100% accurate. The guys at KRISS Arms are so impressed by the KWA KRISS that whenever people are buying the KRISS weapon system, the sale representatives will refer the customer to KWA. The sale representatives referred to the KWA KRISS as their training package.

KWA KRISS Features 100% accurate trademark by KRISS Arms. It also has “45 ACP” stamped on the lower reciever, giving it an ultimate realistic look.
KWA KRISS front flip up iron sight (adjustable) features KRISS Arms trademark.
KWA KRISS comes with an adjustable flip up rear sight which also features the KRISS Arms Trademark.

Since there are no prior airsoft models of the KRISS, when you are using the KWA KRISS, others will know immediately that it is either the real KRISS or the KWA KRISS. Since KWA is the first airsoft company to ever manufacture the KRISS, it sets the standard for all future companies. I am not going to lie; KWA has set the standard extremely high.

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So if you are looking for a unique airsoft gun which is collectable as well as functional, then the KWA KRISS is perfect for you. In addition, it is going to have top notch performance, as well as top notch reliability and durability since KWA builds and designs this gun from the ground up. KWA is projecting a summer release for the KRISS; however, there is no actual confirmed date. So airsofters, start saving up, and keep checking our website, because when the KRISS hits our warehouse, they will literally “fly off our shelves”! I am Andrew, thanks for joining, stay safe, and go out and play airsoft!

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