The Most Xtreme of Combat Shirts

The Tru-Spec Xtreme Combat Shirt is the perfect combination of the protection of a highly durable BDU top and the comfort and lightweight feeling of a long sleeve base layer. The sleeves of the Xtreme combat shirt are similar to those of a standard BDU top, with the zippered Velcro pockets that are angled forward, raid-style, for a more aggressive look and easier access. The sleeves also have textured elbow sections that can be opened up to house an elbow pad if necessary. The left sleeve features an extra map pocket down near the wrist area while the right has a section meant to hold pens, knives, or other small tools that can be clipped on. The body of the Tru-Spec Combat shirt consists of a nylon/cotton blend base layer, which unlike a regular BDU, is very breathable, light and is able to wick away moisture almost 3 times faster then cotton. It features a thick collar made of the same material as the sleeves providing some extra neck protection, as well as a zipper extending to the center of the chest allowing for easy changing of the shirt as well as some extra breathability.

The Xtreme Combat Shirt is very similar to Tru-Spec’s standard combat shirt in that it has the same nylon/cotton body and BDU-style sleeves, but the two are not the same. Whereas the standard combat shirt features reinforced padded elbow sections, the textured elbows on the Xtreme shirt can be opened to insert hard elbow pads for even more protection. The collar on the Xteme shirt is also different from that of the standard combat shirt in that it is taller, thicker, and made of the same material as the sleeves, and it can be zipped open similar to the buttons on a polo shirt. Finally, the pockets on the sleeves of the Xtreme shirt are angled forward raid-style while those on the standard shirt are vertical, and the standard shirt does not have the added map pocket or the section for clipping on extra tools.

No Purchase Necessary Raffle at GI Tactical in Virginia!

We made a one of a kind G4 to give away in a raffle at GI Tactical in Virginia.  Just come in and test fire a gun, any gun, and your name will be put into the drawing.  There’s no purchase needed but if you do buy something you’ll get another raffle ticket for every $100 you spend.  You’ve got nothing to lose!  Stop by at the address below for your chance to win:

GI Tactical
100-A North Providence Rd
Chesterfield, VA 23235

Free Airsoft Gun Raffle
G4 Dark Knight

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First Look at the KWA KRISS Gas Blow Back SMG

KWA KRISS Gas Blow Back, finally revealed at S.H.O.T. Show 2012.

Thanks to my boss, I had the chance to attend S.H.O.T. Show again this year. As you know, S.H.O.T. Show is a trade show, only for vendors, retailers, manufacturers, and media related to the shooting, hunting, and the outdoors. The show is so restrictive that even cameras are not allowed except for the press (Bloggers are included, as long as they have a media badge).

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