Coming Soon: KLI Baba Yaga 1911 Hi-Capa CO2 Preview

KLI baba yaga 1911 hi capa

The CO2 Hi-Capa to end all Hi-Capas: The Baba Yaga

New airsoft guns come out all the time. This fact is not news. However, when something comes to market that is truly remarkable, especially when it’s from function, that is news. The KLI Baba Yaga Hi-Capa is a fresh new CO2 powered take on the tried and true classic double stack 1911 design. It packs an elegant beauty with just enough flash to keep your attention. It’s unique exterior houses a design packed with performance on the inside. Most importantly, when loaded up with CO2, this immaculate airsoft pistol delivers some of the most mind blowing recoil of any airsoft gun you have ever felt.

Externals Like a Well Tailored Suit

A perfectly tailored suit does not need to rely on bright flashy colors or unnecessary frills to look good. It accentuates the body of the person wearing it, tailored to their exact dimensions for a perfect fit. A solid black suit, when tailored and fitted to the wearer is the textbook definition of class and elegance. The KLI Baba Yaga is no different.

The lines and curves on this pistol all serve a purpose. The slide serrations aid your grip when you rack the slide. The window cuts aren’t just there to flash a little color of the tastefully bronze colored outer barrel, but to lighten the slide for a faster cyclic rate. A dragon scale grip texture helps you maintain a firm grasp in adverse conditions on your airsoft pistol. The only other bit of color on this gun is a green fiber front sight for accurate shots. Every piece of this pistol has been put in place to serve purpose and accentuate the shooter. You won’t find flashy colors and extraneous accessories here because they are unnecessary. Everything coalesces into an elegant piece to make you shoot better, and it defines excellence.


Performance Parts Like an Italian Supercar

KLI Baba Yaga Shooting

Inside of this elegant destroyer of airsoft opposition is a suite of internals designed to give you the edge. A light and crisp trigger gives way to a blowback unit capable of handling the raw primal power of CO2 gas. The Baba Yaga’s nozzle chambers the BB inside of a hop up purposely designed to send BBs out to distances expected of your rifle, The quality constructed barrel ensures you get consistent accurate fire every time you press the light but defined trigger. It comes together the way the highest end sports cars combine their lithe body styles with immensely powerful engines to give you peak performance. While the pistol shoots like an absolute dream, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Recoil That Moves Mountains

KLI Baba Yaga recoil

The most astonishing part of shooting the KLI Baba Yaga 1911 Hicapa with CO2 is the force feedback from the recoil. It barks with thunderous presence. You can feel the whole pistol jolt with earth shaking force. This is quite possibly the closest the airsoft community has come to a replica pistol that feels like the real thing. Every pull of the trigger is an absolute delight to the shooter. With all the same ability that it aids the shooter through purposeful fitment and design, it challenges you to be the best marksman you can be to tame the titanic recoil this gun produces. Where other guns would wither and scream “Help me!” this gun commands a deafening presence and begs you to keep shooting. Every trigger pull releases a beastly shout and wrist-shaking snap before delivering your BB downrange.

A Must Have For Your Collection

Whether you are a steadfast soldier of the plastic battlefield or a collector; this gun deserves a place of pride and praise in your personal collection. It truly is a unique, awe-inspiring piece sure to develop a cult-like following once it makes its debut to the masses. Other gas blow back pistols have come before. More gas blowback pistols will follow this release. We’re convinced that the recoil and performance of this subdued-yet-striking sidearm will be a nigh-impossible mountain for most manufacturers to push past.


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