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We have the answer to your CO2 Airsoft Pistol Questions

In our last top questions blog, we covered general gas blowback pistol questions but for many of you that was not enough. We have been inundated with tons of requests for CO2 specific answers! Not being the type to leave our loyal fans hanging, we’ve got you covered this week with another Q&A about CO2 pistols!


What Does Blowback Mean In Relation To Airsoft?

This question was answered in our last blog, but to be more direct here’s the answer:

Blowback just means the slide functions and comes back the way you expect a real gun to work. Every time you pull the trigger, and gas is let into the system, the slide cycles to chamber the next round.

Are Blowback Weapons Worth It In Airsoft?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Yes, because they can be some of the most realistic and high quality guns you can buy, especially for sidearms. With Co2 guns, the blowback models are typically the highest power and quality options by a landslide beating out cheaper non blowback models in performance and durability. They provide a realistic shooting experience, as well as a level of realism that other power sources have a hard time competing with.



Elite Force 1911’s are some of the most realistic CO2 pistols you can buy right now.

What Do You Think Is The Best CO2 Pistol For Beginners?

While the easiest pistol for beginners to acquire is often the cheapest, we believe spending the extra money for reliability is worth it. Many players often choose a Hi-Capa style like the KLI Baba Yaga because it is a familiar and aesthetically pleasing option. Many other players choose the Elite Force 1911 for it’s legendary reliability.

Ultimately, what is best is a matter of preference, but you should focus on something with a reputable manufacturer and quality of performance. You want your first guns as a beginner to last you for a while so you can enjoy playing and not stress about repairs.


How Loud Is a CO2 Blowback Outside?

They are about as loud as a nail gun. Depending on the parts on the muzzle they can be a little louder or a little quieter, but typically have a similar volume to most pneumatic tools.


Does Airsoft Practice Improve Real Tactical Shooting Skills?

It definitely can. Dry fire practice is a powerful tool for improving shooting skills when done correctly, and airsoft is a great way to do that.  There are some differences to be mindful of such as the trigger pull and weight being different, as well as felt recoil when you shoot with gas.

Just remember to be safe when training!

How Many Rounds Can You Get Out of a CO2 Magazine?

This depends on the gun. Something like the KLI HI-capa can get over 50 rounds from one magazine. Alternatively, the Elite Force 1911 is usually a little less than that at closer to 30 rounds. Non-blowback pistols can exceed well over 100 rounds depending on the gun.

What is the Best Airsoft Glock?

We answered this question in our Glock blog, but since this is a CO2 Q&A, we’d be remiss not to include the CO2 Glock 17 by Elite Force. It is the only officially licensed line of Glock pistols and the CO2 model has fantastic recoil and realism. It’s a high quality model that is easily the best Glock replica on the market.

Did These Answer Your Questions?

Hopefully this answers some of your questions about CO2 Airsoft pistols. If you have more, feel free to reach out to us here in the comments, on social media, or in store at any of our three walk-in locations!

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