Top Questions: Airsoft Glock edition

So You Wanna Talk Glock…

The GLOCK pistol is the most well known hand gun in the firearms world. This is with good reason. The Glock is used by the vast majority of military and law enforcment world wide. They are immeasurably reliable and boast a standard of performance you can trust.


It is no surprise then, that airsofters the world over have obsessed with finding a quality replica. We’ve petitioned the internet for questions, and what you’ll read below is the top questions about airsoft Glocks asked on the internet!


What is the best cheap airsoft Glock?

The answer to this question is simple. Check out this partial blowback Glock 19 from Elite Force!

It features a CO2 power source, glock sizing and style and doesn’t break the bank at $69.95!


Can a CO2 Airsoft Glock use Green Gas?

That depends on the glock in question. The Elite Force Glock 17 in CO2 can utilize the Green Gas magazines. You need to be careful though, as it does not work the other way around.

Not all CO2 Glock pistols, especially the unlicensed ones from overseas, are capable of doing that. Check the specifications before you try it yourself or you risk damaging your pistol.



Why are Glocks so expensive?

One word: Quality.

The Elite Force Licensed Glocks by VFC are some of the highest quality airsoft pistols you can buy. Not because they have the officially licensed logos, but because they are built to a very high standard of quality.

These guns are capable performers than can handle a lot of abuse in the field. When you buy one, you know it’s going to work, and carries the same reputation of it’s real steel counterpart.


What is the best Airsoft Glock 17?

This is undoubtedly the Elite Force Airsoft Glock 17. It is the ONLY model officially licensed by Glock, and also happens to be the best shooting Glock 17 you can buy.

If the 17 isn’t what you’re after, Elite force Also does a Glock 19, 19x and will eventually have an 18 as well! They even offer the Glock 17 in CO2 and Green Gas variants!

Glock Til You Drop!

Hopefully that answers some of your burning airsoft glock questions! These pistols are a popular choice for airsofters the world over and with good reason. They cover the spectrum of price ranges and quality that you expect!

If you want to shop for your own amazing airsoft pistol, whether it be a glock or something else, click HERE.

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