Top Airsoft Questions – Simple Upgrades AEG Edition


The upgrades for automatic electric guns or AEG’s are very similar/exactly the same as sniper rifles and gas blowback guns. If you have read out Sniper Rifle Upgrades Blog. Make sure you check it out. We will list them again for those who are lazy (lol). There are a few more simple upgrades you can do to electric rifles that we will list below!

BB Weight

Just like any other airsoft gun. The weight of the BB will greatly effect the accuracy of each shot from your airsoft gun. You want to choose your weight depending on your FPS and barrel length. Test different weights to see what gives you the best performance. I would recommend starting with a .25g and going upward. This weight works great with multiple barrel lengths and FPS readings.

Hop Up Bucking

Now this may not be necessary for some guns, as the stock bucking from certain companies are actually really good. If you notice there is an inconsistency with range, the bucking is the first suspect. The FPS and BB Weight are going to be the determining factors when choosing a hop up bucking. I have had great performance out of the G&G Green Bucking, Madbull Blue Bucking, Modify Flat Hop Bucking as well as various Maple Leaf Buckings. Any of these will give you great performance, but if you get the chance, test a few out for yourself and see how the performance will differ.

Inner Barrel

The inner barrel is going to be the main factor in your accuracy. Depending on the inner barrel you choose, the performance can change dramatically. Some factors to consider when choosing your inner barrel are the type of metal, and the length. I recommend a 6.03 inner diameter made of stainless steel as it provides the best benefit without possibly causing feeding issues in full auto. Make sure you get the correct length of inner barrel for your gun as well.


I am often asked how to get better trigger response and rate of fire from an AEG. These people will immediately go into asking about high speed gears other modifications that will require extensive work when simply using a more powerful battery can instantly help. WARNING! You must make sure that your gun can handle the higher voltage battery. Do some research and check your user manual. You will want to be as safe as possible and do this at your own risk.


This one does require a little more work, but installing a new motor can help increase your trigger response and rate of fire without changing your battery. This will work with proper motor height adjustment. However, it is typically recommended that you reshim your gears to the new motor. In my experience, I have replaced motors in stock guns with little to no issues. Be wary though! My experience may differ from yours! Just be careful not to go too overboard and put in a motor that’s too powerful for your gun, or you’re in for some other upgrades pretty quick.


There are a lot of simple upgrades that you can do to your airsoft gun. It is up to what you choose that will determine the performance. Do some research and find what works best for you!

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