TOP QUESTIONS: Green Gas Pistols Q&A

Got Gas? We’ve Got Something For That

Many of you have written in and asked us about some more green gas pistol answers after our Q&A on CO2 products. We’re back with another round of answers for your burning green gas questions!


How Do You Use Green Gas?

It’s pretty simple. Most green gas pistols fill from the magazine. Take the magazine out of your pistol and locate the gas input valve, usually located on the bottom. Some pistols fill direct to the grip, and it will typically be located on the bottom of the pistol grip. Hold the magazine so that it faces upward. Take your green gas can, give it a rigorous shake, then turn it upside down. Align the fill valve with the nozzle on the top of your green gas can, and press the two together and hold for about six seconds. Your green gas magazine is now filled.

From here, all you have to do is load up your bb’s, load your magazine into your gun, rack the slide and fire!

Where Do I Get Green Gas?

From us, of course. Click HERE.

What Green Gas Gun Should I Get For $140?

There’s a ton of good options at this pricepoint. We’ll list a few below.

KLI baba yaga 1911 hi capa

How Do You Turn A Green Gas Magazine Into A CO2 Magazine?

The short version is: You don’t. However, some pistols are capable of taking both types of gas, and it’s as simple as changing out the magazine. Not all pistols are capable of taking both CO2 and Green Gas though, so make sure you check your specifications. Also worth noting: Just because you found a way to make it work does not mean it’s safe or won’t break your pistol. Be safe, and follow the recommendations from your manufacturer.

How Often Should a Green Gas Pistol Be Oiled?

Like we mentioned in the video at the start of the blog, it depends. Pistols should be oiled any time they are losing lubricity on the slide. This can be every time you play if you didn’t use enough lube the first time or if it was really dirty at the field that day. It can also be every couple of months if you don’t play very often and use quality lubrication supplies. Remember, use 100% silicone oil, not real steel cleaning agents as they can damage your airsoft gun or void your warranty!


We’ve Got Your Six

Hopefully that answers some of your questions about green gas pistols. As always, reach out and let us know if there’s anything you need answered, reach out to us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or via the comments section of this blog!

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