Top Airsoft Questions – Simple Upgrades Sniper Rifle Edition


You just got your brand new bolt action sniper rifle home and are getting it set up! The scope and a bipod are looking good and ready to hit the field. You go to take your first headshot and the BB flies right by his face. He sees your shot and immediately starts to returns fire. It turns out that it might be a little harder to be your like your favorite airsoft sniper. Don’t worry because we have a few simple upgrades to get your gun shooting great!

BB Choice

The type of BB you choose will greatly affect the accuracy of your gun without changing parts in your gun. A heavier weight BB will be able to fight against gusts of wind better than the standard .20g BB. This applies to all airsoft guns. However, due to the heavier weight, You can lose a certain amount of range. This can be countered with quality hop up parts though! Every gun is different and you will want to test different weights and find what works best for you. Typically I would recommend starting with a .30g BB and adjust depending on how it performs.

Hop-Up Bucking

Out of the box, you might not be able to maximize the range of the heavier weight BB. An upgraded hop-up bucking will be able to apply more backspin to increase and accuracy. There are a plethora of different types of buckings on the market. Do a little research and try one that you think will work best. Again, this is trial and error. What works for someone may not work for you. If you ever need some advice, you can always contact us too!

Inner Barrel

This inner barrel will arguably give you the best performance increase without major modification.  Using a 6.03mm or 6.01mm tight bore inner barrel can decrease the spread size in your grouping, allowing for a straighter flight path. Be cautious when buying your inner barrel! There are specialized barrels for different models of guns (Ex. VSR10/BAR10, L96/MK96, etc.) and you want to be sure you get one that will fit!

As a result of any of these upgrades, Your performance will be increased compared to the way the gun shoots stock. If you upgrade all three of these, you will get a dramatic increase in performance. Only two of these require modification to your airsoft gun and they are not too difficult to install.  Of course, there are a lot of upgrades you can do to get your gun to shoot even better. These are the easiest ones to do without much technical knowledge. The secret to a quality sniper rifle build is quality parts, quality installation, and consistent FPS output.

Good luck, and good hunting!

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