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What is UNION Airsoft? Most Underrated Team?

Team Overview: UNION Airsoft

Full Team In Kit
Full team Picture (2018)

Title checks out, I believe that UNION is the most, if not, one of the most underrated SpeedQB Teams to date. Amazing players, great people, and they do WORK on whatever field they step onto. A lot of people know them, some don’t. This is here to educate y’all on what I think is one of the most underrated teams in the SpeedQB game right now. UNION began their entrance into the Airsoft in 2016. It all started with the original members of UNION: Virus, Ello, Wolf, Keys, Sweet.tooth. They began their debut at Tac City Fullerton in … well Fullerton, CA. It all started with Virus, Ello, and Sweet-tooth working together at a wedding photography firm. Virus brought up the  idea of Airsoft! The three of them went to Tac City Fullerton for the first time. They fell in LOVE with it so Virus grabbed Keys and Wolf and began to play regularly. As SpeedQB began to become a thing, they decided to participate since they already had a 5 man. SYG montage videos and tournament style videos influenced UNION to get into the game. Shortly before that, UNION was almost named Ronin. They were brainstorming ideas on team names when UNION and RONIN became the two options. One day Ello came into work and just dropped 20 UNION patches onto Virus’ desk and that’s when UNION was decided on. Completely by accident.

UNION Jester posted up behind cover at a SpeedQB practice.

Their team specialize in smart rush style play. Wolf, who is usually their front-line, is an aimbot god on the field. He seemingly just knows exactly where everyone is at on the field. Including his teammates which is an important aspect to a good front-line. Usually running a Hi Capa as his go to weapon of choice.  Like most indoor players, they all pretty much have Hi Capas. Jester, Yung, and Virus have had experience with the KLI Hi Capa Line. Y’all should go check them out HERE. Jester and Yung also act as front lines but the great thing about this team is that any of them can play anywhere. So you competitors out there reading this? Know that these guys will flip you upside down if you think you got em understood. Virus is a beast laner/back-line as well. His Polarstar, yellow camo splattered rifle will leave you with more welts than you can count if you take it for granted. See a yellow light? Better keep it behind cover or chances are you’re already out. As the 2019 season starts, I can see these guys making huge dent in the SpeedQB game. Watch your 6 out there because they come in at every direction. Sooo … might need to watch the whole clock honestly.
Full Team Roster:
– Virus (@Union.Virus) – Keys (@Union.Keys)
– Jester (@Union.Jester) – Team Account (@Union.Airsoft)
– Subie (@Union. Subie) – YouTube Channel
– Wolf (@Union.Wolf) – Current Prospect (@mirror_ix)
– Yung (@Union.Yung)


The Best Airsoft Gun Starter Package to get you INTO AIRSOFT!

The Best Airsoft Gun Starter Package just got EVEN BETTER!

Apex guns are amazing base guns AND starter guns!

One of the main questions I get as a seasoned Airsoft player, from friends, family, and starters… is HOW do I get into this sport on a BUDGET? I get it, I get it. You’re interested but you’re not down to drop 5 bills on something you may or may not like! OR you’ve gone to play with rentals and now you want your own gun! But don’t want to spend a crazy amount on a gun and everything else you want to go play! Introducing your best option …

This package includes the Apex Fast Attack RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (which can be swapped out with a shorter black or tan, or the same but in tan!) which is the ultimate option for lightweight, Airsoft combat. Its polymer body makes it durable and rugged, yet lightweight and easy to maneuver; while its high quality internal parts will keep you on target and scoring hits with ease! The included 9.6v battery and charger make sure that the gun is ready to go when you buy the pack! To protect your eyes and face, we’ve included a Bravo Full Face Mask with neck protection making sure you have adequate protection for almost every airsoft field as a ton of fields require lower and eye protection at all times. We’re also including two extra, high cap flash magazines and two bottles of 2,500 count Classic Army Extreme Precision 0.25g BBs to fill them with! This system makes loading the high capacity magazine much faster and simpler than winding a wheel on the bottom of the mag. Now you’ll need somewhere to keep all these goodies and for that we’ve secured you a Lancer Tactical Crossdraw Vest w/ Holster to make sure you can carry everything in this package onto the field. It will provide some respectable protection with the option to place your mags in a much more convenient spot than your pockets!

The Best Airsoft Gun Starter Package comes with everything at a GREATLY discounted price. It’s an insane value to get you on the field and playing. With the equipment in this bundle, you’ll have everything you need to not only hit the field and play, but compete with some of the more kitted players on the field. This rifle and kit were selected for their budget-friendliness and solid performance. It gives you an edge on someone with just a budget gun for barely much more of a cost than just the gun. Every part and accessory comes from a leading brand in the airsoft field and has been shown to be effective on the playing field, too. The rifle alone is easily capable of going toe-to-toe with most other AEGs on the market, and has proven durability. When you add in the face mask, magazines, tactical vest and other airsoft starter equipment, you’re talking about being prepared for even the toughest matches. Of course, having the right gear is only the first step. Knowing basic airsoft strategy is essential to your on-field success, too. You can check out our Airsoft 101 page for tips and advice whether you’re new to the game, or coming back after a long hiatus. Also! We have an Airsoft Glossary of terms and names just in case you hear or see something you’re not familiar with! See here! Here is a quick rundown of tips for your first time playing …

  • Don’t step out in the open; use cover to your advantage
  • Don’t engage targets you can’t hit. This rifle is at its best in the 100-200 feet range.
  • Make sure your batteries are charged before the game. Consider picking up a few spares as well to keep you on the field even longer. The average battery lasts for about three to four high capacity magazines. Choose wisely.
  • Wind your hi-cap magazines before the game starts as well. Nothing is worse than trying to take a critical shot and your gun misfiring while trying to take a critical shot because you forgot to wind your magazine.
  • Long sleeves, tactical pants (or cargo pants of any kind) and a good pair of boots with ankle support are going to make you much more comfortable.
  • Water is an absolute necessity. You can keep a small bottle in an empty magazine pouch, or pick up a more dedicated pouch to attach to your vest via the MOLLE webbing.
  • Keep your gun pointed in the direction you expect the enemy to come from, that split second between seeing the other team and pulling your gun up to shoot can make the difference
  • If you get shot, call your hits! It’s only a game. The walk back to re-spawn is a good time to collect some information on how the rest of the field is changing so you can get the drop on your targets when you get back in the game.
  • DO NOT be afraid to get hit! It will be no fun to sit in a corner and wait! You are not experiencing the full adrenaline rush that this game gives you! Get. The Hell. Out. There!

Best Starter Hi Capa on the MARKET!

The KLI Hi Capa has HIT the market with a force and has created major controversy like any new Hi Capa would. Some people going as far to say that the shooting demos posted about it were CGI made! Crazy right? With any new addition to an over saturated market WILL come the conflict but the KLI Hi Capa is here to show and here is why!

KLI is an Airsoft manufacturer based out of Taiwan. They are famous for a variety of OEM projects in the airsoft world. An example is the Baba Yaga 1911 Hi-Capa Series, it is the next tactical beast to hit the market! With the durable full metal frame and slide, this pistol can take a beating! The stippled texture will give you a perfect grip without wearing gloves. The slide cuts allow you to rack the gun and press check much easier. This paired with the window cuts lighten the slide and increases the cycle rate. The Fiber Optic front sight makes for quicker target acquisition and the flared magwell assists with faster reloading. The five slot picatinny rail is cut into the frame and is able to mount a plethora of flashlight and lasers onto the sturdy frame. This pistol is left had friendly with the ambidextrous safety switch. Not to mention that this pistol is mostly Tokyo Marui compatible, which means you can upgrade this pistol with the wide variety of aftermarket parts available! This Green Gas model is shooting roughly between 300-330 FPS and is perfect for CQB gameplay. This is the Hi-Capa of your dreams, and the Boogeyman of your enemies’ nightmares!

The KLI Baba Yaga Hi Capa comes in CO2 and Green Gas power!


The KLI Hi Capa has HIT the market with a force and has created major controversy like any new Hi Capa would. Some people going as far to say that the shooting demos posted about it were CGI made! Crazy right? With any new addition to an over saturated market WILL come the conflict but the KLI Hi Capa is here to show and here is why.

The KLI Hi Capa IS in fact TM Compatible!

The KLI’s were made with customs in mind. The slides, barrels, inner barrels, buckings, etc. All these things are compatible with the bucking needing very, very slight modification to fit. Confirmed by our trusted techs, many after marketing Hi Capa parts (as long as they are TM spec) WILL fit just fine. you can build these from the ground up to be whatever color, performance level, or impressionist pistol. That is why these guns, with their amazingly budget friendly cost are fantastic starters into the Hi Capa world and can grow with you as you grow as a player! You may find these primarily indoors but outdoor built Hi Capa pistols have been done before which brings me to my next point.



(Photo taken by Kevin Tran aka. UNION.VIRUS) The KLI Hi Capas in their Two Tone and Black Variety

The Build!


The main complaint that I have heard of when it comes to the TM pistols is that the slide is plastic. Personally? I don’t mind it very much … however many people dislike the thought of a plastic slide because they break under pressure. I think it performs great with the plastic slides but to each their own … ANYWHO! The KLIs come out of the box METAL. Yes, that is right! The KLI Hi Capa line all of metal externals and internals. Making sure that a little use and abuse wont hurt the thing too much, not saying to throw this thing against a wall or drop it running full speed BUT it can take a little more abuse than your average, everyday Hi Capa. Chrome looks pretty damn good too!


The Mag Capacity and Compatibility!

So the magazines. The reason why they are called Hi Capas. They have one of the highest magazine capacities of the Airsoft guns in existence. Most 5.1 Hi Capa magazines hold 31 BBs and can go through the whole magazine without having to refill the mag with gas!

Overall, this gun has it all! Upgrade-ability, great stock performance, 31 shots before you gotta reload … on a PISTOL?! These work great for sidearms too by the way just an FYI. Go ahead and picj yours up HERE! There are tons of models to choose from and if you’re reading this in the future. The Baba Yaga is out. GO GO GO!


Best Choices for Hi Capa Magazine Pouches!

I love the 2011 Hi Capa platform. It is modular, personable, and high preforming. But this article isn’t about the gun model, we’re talking about its big ol’, fat magazines.

In Airsoft, the HI Capa magazine is usually very heavy!
Pre Order HERE

With the introduction of the new KLI HI Capa Series and the Hype Behind the BABA YAGA Hi Capa Airsoft Pistol … I’ve decided to choose my favorite pouches to hold the fuel to get these guns going!

The Hi Capa, or in the real steel industry, the 2011 has a large capacity magazine! In turn, it makes finding the right pouch for these heavy mags cumbersome. Some people swear on high speed minimalist styles, some swear on full nylon pouches, and some say Kydex is the way to go. Regardless of your choice, I will be listing the best options for you in the mindset of an Airsoft Player. Hi Capa magazines in Airsoft are usually very heavy when full of BBs and Gas and makes it so the wrong magazine choice can mean a drooping battle belt or folding chest rig.

A TIP for if you are running a non supported chest rig like the SpeedQB MOLLE-CULE, be SURE you used stacked mag pouches as pictured here. If you use multiple single pouches, the fabric will fold in on itself from the weight. The stacked design gives the pouches more structure and support.

3. HSGI Triple Stack Pistol Taco Pouch

Again, this list is in no particular order, but I’m sure those of you who are reading this list saw this coming before you even clicked on the link. The HSGI taco pouches have etched themselves into the gun industry AND the Airsoft industry as one of the most reliable and sought after pouches! For good reason too! HSGI HAS A LIFETIME WARRANTY –

The triple stacked TACOS come in a variety of awesome colors! With my personal favorite being Black!

with all their products! Rifle pouches, pistol pouches, magnetic dump pouches, and even giant utility pouches, ALL covered for life! Not that you’d ever need it replaced. With over 3 years of high use and abuse, none of my pouches have torn, gotten loose or broken in any way. I DO take care of them, however even with moderate use in high stress play, they hold up even now! The only problem I see with these are their price point. For a single pistol magazine pouch, it will run you about $27 USD for a standard and $30 for an extended! The price is justifiable to me, however I can see that others may not take a liking to this. You are paying for very high quality, lightweight, and durable magazine pouches. The HSGI leg rig is a great option for someone who doesn’t want a crowded belt or carrier. You can find HSGI Tacos for sale on our website or on


2. Condor Outdoor MOLLE Triple Pistol Magazine Pouch

Ah yes, everyone’s first love. Remember the day you walked into your first Airsoft store. Saw all the tactical gear and thought “Damn … I’d look so cool.”? Then one day you BUY your gear and fill those pouches with your magazines? Yeah? Well chances are, it was a Condor Pistol Magazine Pouch! At least it was for me. These pouches

Triple Stack Pistol Pouch by Condor Outdoor!

have been and always will be super affordable. I guarantee that you will not see a single day where you play at a local field and NOT see one of these on somebody’s kit Usually spotted on newer players, I know of many seasoned players that still run these to this day. Whether they see no reason to buy more expensive ones, or want to keep it for impressionist kit. It is still a very solid option. Keep in mind that you WILL get a quicker draw on the TACO pouches due to their build style compared to these since it is a closed top pouch. Many try to remove the flap completely but I advise against that since it causes a higher chance of you dropping and either losing or breaking a magazine. If you want a high speed style pouch … go for an open top pistol pouch such as the HSGI TACO or the next entry on the list ,,, the Blue Force Gear pistol magazine pouches!

1. Blue Force Gear Pistol Magazine Pouch

Man lookin’ Tacticool using M4 BFG Mag pouches, Pistol BFG Mag Pouches, and the legendary VIckers Sling for his Primary!

THE BLUE FORCE POUCHES. Some of my favorite gear comes from Blue Force. Vickers sling?! GODLY. Blue Force Chest Rig?! SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG BEING HUGGED… never saying that again but ANYWAYS. The Blue Force Pouches are some of the best on the market. For Real Steel and for Airsoft. It is an elastic style pouch, meaning its retention is based around it’s stretchiness! Inserting the pouch takes a little effort but once they’re in there, they ain’t moving till you want them too. They compress into a clean little slate of magazines due to it’s SUPER minimalistic design. Which makes it’s high speed, low drag application even better. They make chest rigs, thigh rigs, single, double, and triple pouches for a vast majority of magazines! They even make H&K 417 Mag Pouches! They come in a vareity of colors and we carry a TON of Blue Force Gear … gear on our website! You can find them here. Just get to them quick because they sell fast!



Proof That A Mystery Box is Exactly What You NEED!

The key to happiness is not always found through knowing what you are going to get in life. Surprises are great when you have an idea of what you may be receiving. The mystery boxes we sell at Airsoft GI show the prize list and the ratio of how many of each product is available to win.

Imagine, one of the best feelings to have is the rush of waiting for your package from your online order to finally arrive. Without a doubt, we all have felt excited about some type of delivery update. What better feeling is there then purchasing a mystery package from a list of items that you know you can get? We have got you covered on a run down on what a mystery box has to offer at Airsoft GI.

What Are Airsoft Mystery Boxes?

Mystery boxes are filled with a random item from a list we post on the product description. More importantly, once we pack the item, the person in charge of shipping the package does not know what is in each box when they place the shipping label. We do our best to assure a customer does not get two of the same items if they purchase more than one mystery box.


Airsoft GI offers mystery box packages in a variety of options throughout the year. Most of the time, we offer packages with airsoft guns and bundled items. However, occasionally we may include gear, patches, and other items to change things up a bit. Each item on the list is guaranteed to be at least the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. On the other hand, there are plenty of items that are valued more than then what you are paying! On top of that, there are Airsoft GI gift cards that are worth up $1000 each that we can add onto the mystery box list! Our mystery boxes have been one of the most trusted, and has been providing everyone unbelievable deals for the past couple of years.


Once we get selected pool of items, we create a ratio in the description for customers to see online. For example, a ratio of 6 Classic Army Microguns out of 120 boxes means that there are 6 Microguns that will be packaged separately. If you were to purchase 2 boxes, then there is a chance you can receive two of those Microguns. Altogether, there will be items that add up to the ratio mark. Therefore, a customer knows that he or she will receive something from the prize list.

Types of Prizes

So, you may be wondering what exactly can be placed in our mystery boxes. Here is a quick overview of frequent prize options we package.

Monster boxes are usually filled with around 3-6 high performing airsoft guns that end up being way costing way more than what you paid for just the mystery box. Typically, there may be only one winner that gets the monster box per mystery box offer. Who knows, that winner could end up being you one day!

Bundled items come in the package together for one customer purchase. These could include an airsoft rifle and pistol, pistol and BBs, or other deals to grab your interest. Package deals are set up to give you great value out of the combined items we put together.

Then we have a single item list that shows all the ratios for each product. Each mystery box has products with tons of items that are worth more than what you pay! We may even highlight a couple of hit items to emphasize the deal you could be winning.


The Packaging Process

It is unlikely to receive two of the same items, and here is why.

We have a packing and shipping label process that are separate for the mystery boxes. There are two teams to be aware about when we create the mystery box. We have a team packing the orders and we have a person in charge of the shipping labels.

Once the mystery box product become available to view, the shipping department begins pulling all the items and placing them in a box. All the boxes are placed randomly in a section away from other customer orders. No one is accounting for where each specific item is placed in the section we closed off.

When we get the orders for the mystery box, we have the person in charge of printing the label head into that section and randomly select a box to stick that shipping label.

Essentially, each box is the same size to keep the random factor in check. What about the bigger prizes you ask? Well, we package those boxes with vouchers for the customer to contact us to claim their prize. Each voucher has a code and specific instructions to follow on how to contact us.


Are you a winner?

Every purchase is a winner, no matter what you receive due to the wide variety of savings you can get from the package! For the bigger prizes, we like to announce the winner on social media once they claim their prize. Overall, mystery boxes are excellent for those who do not know what they want, but are willing to treat themselves to a surprise. Take your shot at one of our Airsoft GI mystery boxes, and get out there and play!