Proof That A Mystery Box is Exactly What You NEED!

The key to happiness is not always found through knowing what you are going to get in life. Surprises are great when you have an idea of what you may be receiving. The mystery boxes we sell at Airsoft GI show the prize list and the ratio of how many of each product is available to win.

Imagine, one of the best feelings to have is the rush of waiting for your package from your online order to finally arrive. Without a doubt, we all have felt excited about some type of delivery update. What better feeling is there then purchasing a mystery package from a list of items that you know you can get? We have got you covered on a run down on what a mystery box has to offer at Airsoft GI.

What Are Airsoft Mystery Boxes?

Mystery boxes are filled with a random item from a list we post on the product description. More importantly, once we pack the item, the person in charge of shipping the package does not know what is in each box when they place the shipping label. We do our best to assure a customer does not get two of the same items if they purchase more than one mystery box.


Airsoft GI offers mystery box packages in a variety of options throughout the year. Most of the time, we offer packages with airsoft guns and bundled items. However, occasionally we may include gear, patches, and other items to change things up a bit. Each item on the list is guaranteed to be at least the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. On the other hand, there are plenty of items that are valued more than then what you are paying! On top of that, there are Airsoft GI gift cards that are worth up $1000 each that we can add onto the mystery box list! Our mystery boxes have been one of the most trusted, and has been providing everyone unbelievable deals for the past couple of years.


Once we get selected pool of items, we create a ratio in the description for customers to see online. For example, a ratio of 6 Classic Army Microguns out of 120 boxes means that there are 6 Microguns that will be packaged separately. If you were to purchase 2 boxes, then there is a chance you can receive two of those Microguns. Altogether, there will be items that add up to the ratio mark. Therefore, a customer knows that he or she will receive something from the prize list.

Types of Prizes

So, you may be wondering what exactly can be placed in our mystery boxes. Here is a quick overview of frequent prize options we package.

Monster boxes are usually filled with around 3-6 high performing airsoft guns that end up being way costing way more than what you paid for just the mystery box. Typically, there may be only one winner that gets the monster box per mystery box offer. Who knows, that winner could end up being you one day!

Bundled items come in the package together for one customer purchase. These could include an airsoft rifle and pistol, pistol and BBs, or other deals to grab your interest. Package deals are set up to give you great value out of the combined items we put together.

Then we have a single item list that shows all the ratios for each product. Each mystery box has products with tons of items that are worth more than what you pay! We may even highlight a couple of hit items to emphasize the deal you could be winning.


The Packaging Process

It is unlikely to receive two of the same items, and here is why.

We have a packing and shipping label process that are separate for the mystery boxes. There are two teams to be aware about when we create the mystery box. We have a team packing the orders and we have a person in charge of the shipping labels.

Once the mystery box product become available to view, the shipping department begins pulling all the items and placing them in a box. All the boxes are placed randomly in a section away from other customer orders. No one is accounting for where each specific item is placed in the section we closed off.

When we get the orders for the mystery box, we have the person in charge of printing the label head into that section and randomly select a box to stick that shipping label.

Essentially, each box is the same size to keep the random factor in check. What about the bigger prizes you ask? Well, we package those boxes with vouchers for the customer to contact us to claim their prize. Each voucher has a code and specific instructions to follow on how to contact us.


Are you a winner?

Every purchase is a winner, no matter what you receive due to the wide variety of savings you can get from the package! For the bigger prizes, we like to announce the winner on social media once they claim their prize. Overall, mystery boxes are excellent for those who do not know what they want, but are willing to treat themselves to a surprise. Take your shot at one of our Airsoft GI mystery boxes, and get out there and play!



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