What is UNION Airsoft? Most Underrated Team?

Team Overview: UNION Airsoft

Full Team In Kit
Full team Picture (2018)

Title checks out, I believe that UNION is the most, if not, one of the most underrated SpeedQB Teams to date. Amazing players, great people, and they do WORK on whatever field they step onto. A lot of people know them, some don’t. This is here to educate y’all on what I think is one of the most underrated teams in the SpeedQB game right now. UNION began their entrance into the Airsoft in 2016. It all started with the original members of UNION: Virus, Ello, Wolf, Keys, Sweet.tooth. They began their debut at Tac City Fullerton in … well Fullerton, CA. It all started with Virus, Ello, and Sweet-tooth working together at a wedding photography firm. Virus brought up the  idea of Airsoft! The three of them went to Tac City Fullerton for the first time. They fell in LOVE with it so Virus grabbed Keys and Wolf and began to play regularly. As SpeedQB began to become a thing, they decided to participate since they already had a 5 man. SYG montage videos and tournament style videos influenced UNION to get into the game. Shortly before that, UNION was almost named Ronin. They were brainstorming ideas on team names when UNION and RONIN became the two options. One day Ello came into work and just dropped 20 UNION patches onto Virus’ desk and that’s when UNION was decided on. Completely by accident.

UNION Jester posted up behind cover at a SpeedQB practice.

Their team specialize in smart rush style play. Wolf, who is usually their front-line, is an aimbot god on the field. He seemingly just knows exactly where everyone is at on the field. Including his teammates which is an important aspect to a good front-line. Usually running a Hi Capa as his go to weapon of choice.  Like most indoor players, they all pretty much have Hi Capas. Jester, Yung, and Virus have had experience with the KLI Hi Capa Line. Y’all should go check them out HERE. Jester and Yung also act as front lines but the great thing about this team is that any of them can play anywhere. So you competitors out there reading this? Know that these guys will flip you upside down if you think you got em understood. Virus is a beast laner/back-line as well. His Polarstar, yellow camo splattered rifle will leave you with more welts than you can count if you take it for granted. See a yellow light? Better keep it behind cover or chances are you’re already out. As the 2019 season starts, I can see these guys making huge dent in the SpeedQB game. Watch your 6 out there because they come in at every direction. Sooo … might need to watch the whole clock honestly.
Full Team Roster:
– Virus (@Union.Virus) – Keys (@Union.Keys)
– Jester (@Union.Jester) – Team Account (@Union.Airsoft)
– Subie (@Union. Subie) – YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqzM8eJuRnAb3FLDV0LmmQ
– Wolf (@Union.Wolf) – Current Prospect (@mirror_ix)
– Yung (@Union.Yung)


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