Airsoft GI News Series – The Brief

It is Friday June 8th, and here are the toy stories in the Airsoft World. Do you want to save money? You do? Well, you might want to check out the Airsoft GI Annual Epic Sale on June 16th, 2012. See below video and picture for more detail.

In product news, The new Lancer Tactical Gold and Platinum packages now make it entirely possible to get out on the field and be competitive for under $180! Gone are the days when it would cost a minimum of $3-400 to get started playing airsoft. On top of that, the packages include everything you need, so you could potentially be out playing on the same day your order is delivered!

Top story of the day:

Next week, Airsoft GI will be hosting another “The Phrase that Pays” contest, AGAIN! Check back next week on Airsoft GITV Blog for more detail! That’s it for now, I am Andrew, and you’ve just been briefed!

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