Airsoft GI News Series – The Brief

Hello Airsofter, it is Thursday June 14, 2012, and here are your top stories.

Airsoft GI is having the annual summer sale at our Walnut location. It is an epic sale which includes dunk tank, money booth, and Tacos! A lot of venders will be there, such as KWA, G&G, Condor and much more! There will be a lot of raffle items and giveaways too. So mark your calendar and get yourself to Airsoft GI on Saturday, June 16, for an awesome time.

In another news, KWA M4 CQR finally hit Airsoft GI! The production sample is currently sitting in the Airsoft GI studio, being examine by the Airsoft GI technicians. The very first shipment will be arriving at the Airsoft GI warehouse tomorrow. So Airsofters, get ready for some awesomeness!

The Army Birthday Combat Experience is in full swing! It is going to be in Blue Cloud Ranch, California. Tickets are $65 dollars per person. However there are specials for special people. First, female players don’t have to pay anything, but they still need to be registered. Same thing goes to active army servicemen. Father and Son (1 parent and 1 child, must be related and 13 and up) is $80 for both person. So call Airsoft GI or go to our walk in store and register for this awesome event!

That’s it for now, I am Andrew, and you just been briefed.

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