Lancer Tactical – Battle Proven

When there is talk about low end airsoft guns, the first thing that comes to mind is something plastic you would find at a local sporting goods store. These guns are at the bottom of entry level. They are usually made of plastic externals and internals. These guns feature no industry standard gear box let alone have the capacity to be upgraded. You would be hard pressed to find extra parts or additional magazines. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. I have always been a pretty firm advocator of that phrase, seeing as how quality tends to come with the price tag. Today is the day I can honestly say for the first time someone has made a quality gun without the hefty price tag.

Starting up
I was a college freshman when I first got into airsoft 7 years ago, it cost me a fortune. It was very difficult for me because I was a full time student and worked part time. I spent about $240 on a Tokyo Marui M4A1, and I spent another $120 on a full tune up kit, just to make it “skirmishable”. On top of that I had to buy a high capacity magazine (since Tokyo Marui only came with standard capacity), a vest, battery, charger and bbs just so I could get out and play airsoft. In the end, I spent about $600 just to be ready for an airsoft skirmish.

Tim and Bob spent the similar amounts when they first entered the world of airsoft. However, the airsoft industry has changed in the last 7 years. The standard has gone up, and so did the price. Although a decent airsoft electric rifle costs about $300 these days, it is very difficult to spend that kind of money on an airsoft gun in this economy. Not to mention if you want to get out and play, you would have to purchase a battery, charger, bbs, additional magazines, and a vest. There are cheaper more affordable airsoft guns that come with a battery and charger for $150, but the player has to purchase the vest and bbs in order to get out and play.

Lancer Tactical
Airsoft GI is now carrying a new line of AEGs which can help you save money, get you out to the field, and start playing immediately. The Lancer Tactical AEGs are very affordable and they are ready for any skirmish right out of the box. Although the Lancer Tactical Airsoft Guns start at about $90, what separates them from the $70 “sporting goods store” guns is the fact that the Lancer Tactical M4s are fully upgradable, and they are ready for a fight as soon as you get your hands on it. Lancer Tactical gives you an equal fighting chance against the “big boys”.

Like I have mentioned before, the Lancer Tactical is fully upgradable. Lancer Tactical uses standard airsoft industry parts, for both internal and external parts. The gear box and gears are full metal construction, and they are pretty much on par with other Chinese manufacturers’ products. If you would like to enhance the performance of the Lancer Tactical AEGs, they will accept most aftermarket upgrade parts. I personally think that the internals are decent; I would spend the extra money on external upgrades. The Lancer Tactical accepts pretty much all the after market external parts, making this gun very versatile, and more bang for your buck!

Operation Lion Claws
As the local event coordinator, I had the chance to attend Operation Lion Claws XI this year. Since my main battle rifle was out of commission, I took the Lancer Tactical MK18 to this event. Needless to say, the Lancer Tactical performed better than I expected. I was able to get a 2 kills during the first day. The first kill was when Jason (GI employee) and I were holding down a position and the enemy were crossing the road. I unloaded entire magazine, and I was able to get a confirm kill. The second kill i got was when Kyle and I were sneaking behind the enemy line. We successfully took out 3 enemy players before the gun truck took us out. At the end, the gun still intact. All internal components are working properly after the game, and there is no visible damage to the external. Although the Lancer Tactical MK18 is entirely plastic construction, it survived 2 days of abuse and torture.

I was carrying 12 metal mid capacity magazines with me during the 2 day event, so I had a heavy load on me. I was glad that I took the Lancer Tactical instead of my regular airsoft gun. The feather weight of the MK18 helped me preserve my energy, and it did not hinder me. It was very maneuverable due to its length and weight. I had no problem shooting the enemy force in outdoor setting, and I was able to do room to room clearing with no sweat at all.

During the operation, my actions were not conservative. I was climbing through broken windows, kicking doors down, climbing over 6 feet walls, and punching through broken glass with the barrel of the Lancer Tactical. The Lancer Tactical handled the abuse and torture with ease. Beside the external abuse I have given to this gun, I abused the internal components as well. I was running an 11.1v LIPO battery, and I was holding down on the trigger most of the time. Although we do not recommend using LIPO battery for any Lancer Tactical AEGs, Lion Claws proved that they can handle LIPO batteries just fine.

The weather condition at George Air Force Base was very rough. It was extremely windy. No matter what gun I have, the strong wind affected the bbs trajectory. Usually I had to compensate my shot when I pull the trigger. However, since I used full auto only, all I had to do was follow the bbs trail. Since I have not play airsoft for quite some times, I pulled the trigger every time I see enemy forces, even though my bbs did not reach them. Overall, I was very impress and actually surprised that the Lancer Tactical MK18 handled the abuse and torture from the operation.

Check out the Lancer Tactical AEGs at Airsoft GI Website. They are great value guns and once it arrives at your residence, you can immediately get out and play. It is the most affordable skirmish ready AEG on the market. The Lancer Tactical AEGs are durable and reliable, and it was battle proven during Operation Lion Claws XI. I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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