Airsoft GI News Series – The Brief

It is Thursday May 31st and here are the top stories in the Airsoft World. First, check out the KWA LM4 Video above and see how much torture this gun can take. Airsoft GI employee put the LM4 in a series of torture test and it came out on top. This is truly the best gas blow back M4 in the airsoft market to date.

In another news, Operation Lion Claws XI in Victorville, CA was a huge success! Thank you John Lu and game staff, sponsors and most importantly, the players for coming out and support the sport of airsoft! You guys are the best. Keep “get out and play”!

Products Update!

G&G recently re-release their entire catalog with their new lines of AEGs. These will be the replacement for the Top Tech and the GR16 series AEGs. They are now available at Check them out!

That’s it for now, check out more awesome products at Be sure the subscribe to our youtube channel ( I am Andrew, and you just been briefed.

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