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Month: April 2014

One Year Anniversary Sale at GI Tactical | AAR

gi tac 2

So it was, with a grin from ear to ear, that I boarded a plan with a number of GI personnel including the ever-unflappable Jason Hills on my journey eastward to GI Tactical in Chesterfield, VA. My journey was fraught with delays, misspelled itineraries, and overly assertive TSA employees. Thankfully I arrived in one piece and with all of my needed clothes and equipment.

It’s always fun to come visit our East coast location, GI Tactical, not only because of the awesome employees we have working there but also because of the customers and players on the east coast. Milsim is certainly more popular out east but the community seems much more tightly knit than on the west coast for one reason or another.

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Now, I was at GI Tactical to help work our 1 year anniversary sale and I have to tell you it’s great to see how far we’ve come. I remember spending a week before our grand opening helping the employees at GI Tactical get the warehouse, sales floor, gun range, and everything else needed to run a successful retail airsoft store up and running. It was certainly a lot to take care of but there was even more stuff added by the time I returned for our one year anniversary. The shooting range had been updated, newer and cooler display cases had been built, and a even more cool products had been added to the inventory there. Basically, if I was proud about where they were before, I was proud-as-can-be to see what they’d accomplished upon my return.

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Airsoft GI Spring Giveaway

Currently at Airsoft GI and GI Tactical, with every purchase you make you will receive a code to win great prizes, from a bag of Lancer Tactical BB’s, all the way up to the RWA MG34 AEG. This is a deal that you will not want to miss!

My New Favorite Boots

My Personal set of Under Armour Tactical Valsetz Boots

I have been using boots purchased at Army/Navy Surplus stores for the majority of my airsoft career. About 6 years ago I purchased some boots online on the advice of my friend and fraternity brother Matt, only to be disappointed by their craftsmanship and lack of ventilation, considering they were desert boots. This led me to refuse to order boots online because I didn’t want to spend any more money on boots until I could try them first hand to make sure I wasn’t throwing money down a hole.

My UA Valsetz Boots at Hollywood Sports Park’s Combat Center

Little did I know, that I my girlfriend was planning on buying me something special for my birthday and asked me if there was one thing I could have for airsoft what would I buy? So, I told here “I haven’t had a comfortable set of boots in almost a decade, and that’s what I spend most of my time in, so it would have to be a new set of boots.” She asked if there were any specific ones I’d thought about and quite a number of my coworkers had just purchased Under Armour Tactical Valsetz boots from and could not stop talking about them. These same folks would also wear them into work just about every day leading me to believe that they really were as comfy, lightweight, and breathable as everyone had claimed them to be.

rtc 1
My UA Valsetz Boots at Bob’s Rebel Training Camp: Northern Resistance at Gamepod Combat Zone


Gloves that Bob The Axe Man uses

tgh1 Over my decade and a half of playing airsoft I have had the chance to try out many different pairs of gloves and as such I feel confident talking to all of you about what I use and why. Firstly, I actually have about three sets of gloves that I currently use right now and find myself switching to for different reasons. These gloves are the following: Mechanix MPACT 2012 gloves, Mechanix MPACT gloves, V-Tac Armored Half Finger gloves. mpact 2012 Now, I generally have multiple versions of the same item in my armory because they fulfill different mission requirements. The Mechanix MPACT 2012 gloves are the main set I use for the vast majority of my operations. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly because they provide the best combination of dexterity and protection. They also look the coolest which is, if you know me, also a big factor in my decision making process. mpact


Why you should use Gryffon Gear…


I’ve been working at AirsoftGI for over 4 years now and there is one question that I’ve been getting asked more and more recently and it generally goes something like this, “Bob I know you have a lot of stuff to push but do you really believe in [Blank] ?”


Now, one of the great aspects of working here is that I get to try out a lot of products that we sell. This allows me to do better reviews and educate our customers in a much more profoundly. That’s where the Gryffon Golem Chest rig and Dragonspine belt system come in.


These two Gryffon products looked, on the surface, like one of the best deals we’d ever had going on at For $15 you can either get the Golem chest rig that can hold 9 STANAG magazines or 6 AK magazines in addition to having MOLLE real estate on either side as well as an incredibly large map pocket that you can stow maps, beef jerkey, bubble gum, or any other number of airsoft necessities. On the other side of the coin, you can spend $15 to get the Dragonspine belt system that is essentially a tactical belt that includes a dual magazine pouch that can fit at least 4 STANAG mags in addition to a wide variety of other magazines as well as a dump/recovery pouch.

The GI team right before the third evolution of OP Irene