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So it was, with a grin from ear to ear, that I boarded a plan with a number of GI personnel including the ever-unflappable Jason Hills on my journey eastward to GI Tactical in Chesterfield, VA. My journey was fraught with delays, misspelled itineraries, and overly assertive TSA employees. Thankfully I arrived in one piece and with all of my needed clothes and equipment.

It’s always fun to come visit our East coast location, GI Tactical, not only because of the awesome employees we have working there but also because of the customers and players on the east coast. Milsim is certainly more popular out east but the community seems much more tightly knit than on the west coast for one reason or another.

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Now, I was at GI Tactical to help work our 1 year anniversary sale and I have to tell you it’s great to see how far we’ve come. I remember spending a week before our grand opening helping the employees at GI Tactical get the warehouse, sales floor, gun range, and everything else needed to run a successful retail airsoft store up and running. It was certainly a lot to take care of but there was even more stuff added by the time I returned for our one year anniversary. The shooting range had been updated, newer and cooler display cases had been built, and a even more cool products had been added to the inventory there. Basically, if I was proud about where they were before, I was proud-as-can-be to see what they’d accomplished upon my return.

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At the sale, we had a huge crowd for what was essentially a holiday weekend. Quite a few folks had driven from many states away just to be there for the discounts, the raffle, a chance to shoot some awesome polar star guns as well as the new American PTW, and a number were there also to say hi and grab a few autographs of yours truly.

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I always love going out to meet airsoft enthusiasts outside of California because it gives me a larger sense of what our community is like. One of the most interesting folks I met was a Grandfather and Grandson airsoft tag team. I’ve included the video of my interview with Jesse and Nick for your perusal below and I’m curious to hear if any of you out there in the airsoft community have met anybody older than 70 that still plays airsoft. Beyond these two, I also met a US Army Sergeant from Aberdeen proving ground who bought a GI custom, many folks from the local Law enforcement community on the East coast, as well as folks from the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps.

In addition to all the great people I got to hang out with I have to give it up to our sponsors. We had A LOT of stuff to raffle off and it wouldn’t have been possible without all the amazing support from them. Just to give another thank you I’m going to list all the incredible companies that gave us products to raffle off to our customers. So, without further ado I, along with the rest of Airsoft GI, would like to thank…

101 Tech USA / G&G
Action Sport Games
Aim Sports
Atlanco / Tru-Spec
American Milsim
blade tech
Blade-Tech Industries
Condor Outdoor
Dye Precision
Lancer Tactical
G-Code Holsters
Jag Precision / Echo1
kwa usa
LBX Tactical
nc star
NC Star
Palco Sports
Polar Star
Revision Eyewear
Save Phace
Spartan Imports
Umarex / Elite Force

Once again, I had a great time at GI Tactical for our 1-Year Anniversary and it wouldn’t have been what it was without all the amazing people who showed up. So, thank you to all of our sponsors, thank you to the wonderful staff at GI Tactical, and specifically thank you to all of you in Airsoft community for making this game worth playing time after time, day after day!

God Bless America!


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