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Teching 101

With the release of our Techie 4.0 Mystery Box, we wanted to give you a few tips when it comes to teching on your Airsoft guns. We here at Airsoft GI have been offering repairs for several years. We’ve also been an industry leader in quality of work for many years. Today, we’re going to give you a few tips when opening up your gearbox.

Take Your Time.

As with anything, you want to take your time when working on your guns. If you’re first starting out, you want to walk before you can run. If you’re working on your own gun, take your time and do it right. There’s no point going quickly, only to fail because there’s no Anti-Reversal latch. An Airsoft Gearbox is a fairly complex piece of machinery. Don’t put yourself down because you don’t get it the first time.


Have the Right Tools

Being able to complete any job requires knowledge and sometimes tools. Having the correct tools for the job will always help you. Depending on the brand, you might need, Allen Keys, some Screwdrivers, a couple of punches. Using the wrong tools might damage the components in your gearbox, leading to other issues.


Practice Shimming

Shimming your gearbox may be seen as an advanced technique but, it’s a basic skill that should be known. Learning how to shim will yield better results than putting in premium parts. Parts don’t mean anything if your drive train doesn’t mesh properly. Proper shimming also leads to a more efficient gearbox. Giving you a longer battery life and elongates the life of your parts.


Teching is a skill that is quick to learn but can take a lifetime to master. Take your time when doing your work and you’ll be ok. If you’re ever in doubt we are always happy to assist with our World Class Tech Department. There isn’t a single project that we can’t handle!

CQB Airsoft Tips and Tricks

Here in Southern California, CQB Airsoft is a main stay. Featuring fast-paced game-play, high action, and very addictive. CQB Airsoft has been a staple of Southern California ever since the Zipper Factory days. Today we’ll be going over a few things to up your game when playing CQB Airsoft!


Pie The Corner

Pie-ing the corner is one of the very first steps to take to up your CQB game. This allows you to clear everything in sectors to prevent you from getting hit. Instead of turning the corner rapidly and bringing your gun up in separate steps, have the gun up ready to go. You’ll take less time to adjust your point of aim rather than bringing up an entire rifle to shoot. Pie-ing the corner also exposes you less to your opponents. Making you a harder target to hit.


Practice reloads

Being loaded at all times is an obvious thing in fire fights. You may come across a time when you run dry mid fire fight and in CQB, it almost always results in getting hit. Being able to reload quickly and smoothly can save you from getting hit. Practicing reloading can be key. While you’re under stress anything you thought you could do, you might not be able to do. You might stumble, drop your mag, and completely miss. Repetition is key to getting quick, stressful reloads down to a T.


Rapid Target Acquisition

When playing CQB Airsoft, target heavy environments are the norm. Even though games are typically never more than 20-30 people on the field at a time. There will be times when you turn the corner and see several targets at once. It’s very easy to get over excited and mesh every single shot and end up walking away without hitting a single opponent. If you turn the corner and see 5 enemies take your time. They more than likely don’t notice you and move target to target taking your shots precisely.


Be Light As Possible

Being light in CQB will only benefit you. There is really no need for a plate carrier and shedding as many ounces off of your body will give you a slight edge. The lighter you are the quicker you’ll be. The ability to play in just a chest rig, battle belt, or even just a leg rig will give you a slight speed advantage.



When playing CQB, room clearing is a given and will occur 99.99% of the time. Step 1 in clearing most rooms is getting in the room. If you stop in the doorway, the entire breach will get stalled and likely fail. If you’re the front man you have to make it a point to get in the room. Don’t be afraid to get shot because it will happen. If you are shot don’t take up space in the threshold. That leads to safety issues for everyone involved.


All in all, CQB is a very fun environment to play in and often molds some of the best players. Being able to snap between targets quickly, return fire quickly, and being fast on reloads gives you an edge at any field. CQB is an amazing place to start when trying to become a better Airsoft player.

Classic Army: Total Performance Redefined

The Classic Army Nemesis Line has redefined what a premium AEG should be. The Classic Army Nemesis debuted in the airsoft world in late 2016. Today, we’ll be looking at how the Nemesis started and where it is today.


The Genesis of Classic Army

Classic Army has been around for over 25 years. They were one of the first companies within the US. Classic Army is known for making the first production Full Metal guns. Previously, you’d purchase a base gun, purchase a Guarder, Hurricane, etc. receiver and swap everything over. Classic Army flipped the script and allowed you to purchase a high-quality metal body gun straight from the factory in a time when that was impossible. Their story began with innovation, and this common thread follows them through every year of their existence.


The Scarab, the Beginning of the Future

Classic Army reset the standard many years ago and they’ve done it again. In mid-2016, they released the Scarab and started redefining premium airsoft guns. The Scarab was a unique design that retained M4 familiarity but with fresh aesthetic twist. It retained the same fire controls, bolt catch, and magazine release as an M4. What made it different was the one piece upper and unique PDW styled stock. When it was held, you could feel how robust and rugged the Scarab was. Just from holding it, a user could tell that this gun would last through abuse. Some might say it was a little heavy but that didn’t stop players seeking performance.


Internally is where the Scarab truly shined. It featured Classic Army’s brand new Electronic Control System Trigger Unit (Or ECS). The ECS is a digital trigger that allowed for programmability and near instant trigger response. It wasn’t the first digital trigger, but the ECS didn’t require a separate module to program it. The Scarab features a 6.03mm barrel and a metal rotary hop up unit. This allows for great range, accuracy, and consistency. The gearbox comes heavily upgraded as well. Featuring a full metal rack piston, 9mm bushings, and ultra-torque gears, the Scarab also features a true quick-change spring guide. Remove one pin, slide the stock off, and you have access to your spring guide. With the ultra-torque gearset, the Scarab was capable of pulling back a 150 spring. This gives the end user the option to make a high FPS build with minimal effort or tech knowledge. The only downside to the gun was the rate of fire, as with such a high torque gear set, you could pull a heavy spring but you couldn’t do it very fast.


The Birth of the Nemesis

With the success of the Scarab, Classic Army wanted to bring the same performance to their M4 Line up. With a few adjustments to their Proline M4’s, the Nemesis Line was born. They made the buffer tube threaded, instead of pinned in place with a washer and screw. This allowed for a true quick-change spring guide. Before this change, as most brands do even now, the gearbox has to be removed to change the spring. Classic Army also stuck with a PDW stock to make their model stand out. Compared to the Scarab, the battery compartment was much easier to access in the Nemesis as you no longer needed to remove screws to reach your battery. The Nemesis Line featured four new rail designs in a variety of lengths. Every Nemesis also included a new motor grip that was easy access. Motor swaps and motor connector checks have never been easier. Originally, the Nemesis internals were the same as the Scarab though, which meant you still maintained the rate of fire issue from the early models of Scarab, but Classic Army’s history of innovation came through to take care of that too!


2018 Revisions

Just like any other brand, the Nemesis Line wasn’t perfect in its first generation. Classic Army took information from airsmiths, retailers, and players themselves on how to improve their newest creation. After taking in all of the advice and recommendations, Classic Army made a few key changes. The biggest issue being tackled was battery space. They removed the PDW stock in favor of a standard buffer tube design, allowing for more customization and battery storage solutions. Due to the design of the PDW stock, it also lightened the gun substantially. Classic Army also switched from a metal hop up unit to a polymer unit, which allowed for a better seal between the nozzle and the hop up unit. This meant that Nemesis guns could function at the same performance levels as they used to, with lighter springs, and more consistent feet-per-second ratings, ultimately increasing performance and reliability exponentially. This had an added benefit of helping correct the rate-of-fire issue as well when combined with upgrades to their thirty-one thousand RPM motor as a standard part in the Nemesis lineup.

Before the next wave of new gun styles hit the market (more on those later), Classic Army made another update to the Nemesis Gearbox. Opting for an 18:1 gear set and stronger magnets in the 31k motor, the new parts paired with the ECS to give the Nemesis line an even better trigger response than it already had. These updates have become standard for any rifle to bear the Nemesis banner, including some of the new-comers to Classic Army’s lineup for 2018.



Expansion of the ECS Trigger

The ECS was originally only featured Classic Army’s highest-end Lines. Classic Army, once again sensing an opportunity for innovation, decided to install the ECS into their highly popular Skirmish Line of airsoft guns. The Skirmish Line was already neck and neck with the best starter guns available, but with the addition of the ECS, it rose to the top of the class. Following the start of the ECS Skirmish Line, Classic Army announced 2 guns that were in production, The DT-4 and the X9, both featuring all of the same internals as the Nemesis Line in two new designs.

The DT-4 is a double barrel M4 with 2 separate barrels and magazines. Both, of which, are powered by one gearbox and one motor. You’ll be able to send double rounds down range in a still manageable package. Due to its unique design, it doesn’t suffer the same downsides as other systems either, as when one magazine runs into an issue such as a jam or running out of ammo, the second barrel and magazine set will feed with no issues! Couple this with the ECS and you can get lightning fast six or ten round bursts down range!

The X9 is a 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine design with an incredibly compact front end utilizing the manual of arms of the AR-15 style of rifles. Classic Army has stepped back into the CQB game, with this compact corning cutting beast. Featuring CNC Wire cut gears and a built-in amplifier at the muzzle, it is not only reliable, but packs a bark as loud as it’s bite. The ECS becomes a major factor here as well, as the microswitch style trigger it employs, coupled with its ability to lock the gun into a semi-auto only mode means that you never have to worry about accidentally hosing your friends-turned-targets and get your shots off as fast as you can pull that trigger!


What’s to come?

Classic Army has announced a new PDW Style M4 for 2018 as well. Featuring a similar stock to the X9 and ECS Skirmish Line internals, The AR4-SBR is a unique compact M4. Classic Army is installing their ECS Trigger into several other different models of guns too. A working prototype of the M110 featuring the ECS Trigger has already been produced and spotted in the wild. Representatives from Classic Army have talked about bringing the ECS to several models previously only loaded with the pro-line internal components. Currently there are no other confirmed models with the ECS that the Classic Army representatives were willing to go on record with but, regardless of which series gets it, it’s sure to be a welcomed addition to the Airsoft Market.


The ECS Trigger started in a small section from Classic Army, originally intended to be a niche product to be iterated on and improved over time. Not only has it redefined premium AEGs, it is quickly redefining the standard for internal parts quality. I doubt it will be long before other manufacturers follow Classic Army’s innovative example. They set the standard for external parts in the 90’s with their initial releases of metal bodied guns. Now they have pushed the envelope and set the bar even higher for what we as consumers should expect in our internal components as well.


Convincing Your Friends to Play Airsoft

Playing Airsoft is a great way to become a part of a new community. If you’re just getting into it, it could be a bit daunting

That is where you bring your friends along for the ride! Now that’s always easier said than done. We’re here to help with getting your friends into Airsoft!


Showing them your stuff!

Airsoft is pretty much a fashion show. We go to a field and half the fun is seeing all the different kits. Whether it’s their guns, rigs, helmets, you’ll almost always see something new. The same thing that would peak your interest could also peak your friend’s interest. Show them their go to gun in the video game you play together. Show them people that build their kits around a military/law enforcement unit. Just showing them something, can be the push that convinces them to try Airsoft.


It’s gets you out of the house

Personally, my friends and I aren’t always trying to stay in and game all night. We like to go out into nature and have a good time. Airsoft is a great way to do that. A lot of fields get you outside and into the fresh air. You’re running, stopping and going, and really getting your heart pumping. Playing Indoor Airsoft probably get’s your heart pumping even more! Indoor fields offer a much faster pace and more frequent engagements. That brings me to my next point…


It’s an amazing workout

Airsoft gets your heart pumping really quickly. With the high stress movement, you’re getting great cardio. You’ll find yourself having ran a few miles by the time the day is over. Depending on your kit and gun, you could be carrying an extra 20lbs of gear. A small amount of strength training but definitely a good leg workout. There is a ton of squatting, moving, and manipulating your body to be in position.

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You meet a ton of new people

The Airsoft Community has been growing bigger and bigger since it’s come to the US. I started Airsofting with a handful of friends. Since then, I’ve met pretty much everyone I play Airsoft with through the community. I find myself hanging out with them off of the field as well. People I’ve met at fields, work within the industry, or regulars from the store. You meet a lot of people with the same interest as you. It’s very easy to make new friends through our Community.


Fortnite Guns in Airsoft

Fortnite came into the gaming world a few months ago. It quickly became one of the hottest topics on YouTube and has influenced many YouTuber’s. Today we will be looking at some guns from Fortnite that are in Airsoft.


Pistol /  KJW 1911 Government

The Pistol in Fortnite is not the gun to use for that Victory Royal run. We highly recommend getting rid of it ASAP. It might save

you once, but it isn’t going to get you that dub.


Suppressed SMG / Elite Force H&K Competition MP5 SD6

The Suppressed SMG is definitely a step up from the Pistol. The Suppressed SMG has a high ammunition count and good rate of fire. It is a good interim weapon to get you into the top 20. Lack of Range and Damage is this weapon’s Achilles Heel. Consider a different weapon for a Victory Royal run.


Pump Shotgun / Classic Army Police CA870 Spring Airsoft Shotgun (Black/Wood)

The pump shotgun is deadly at close range. Offering high damage and plentiful ammo, it’s a great back up for a Victory Royal! We highly recommend that you keep a longer-range primary. When you’re getting that last second looting in a shrinking circle, it might save you!


M4 / JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle Enhanced Version (Black)

The M4 in Fortnite is actually more of an M16. Featuring a full stock and an 18” barrel it’s far from a “Carbine”. Regardless, the M4 offers good damage, good range, and low recoil. The M4 isn’t 

the go-to weapon of choice for a Victory Royal run. Although, it has seen its fair share of wins.


Scoped AR / KWA AKG-KCR GBBR Airsoft Rifle (Black)

The Scoped AR is a step up from the M4. Offering a higher damage, more range, with a slight decrease in rate of fire. Keeping distance between yourself and an enemy is a big factor in getting a win. Be cautious about getting too close. It’s hard to snap between multiple targets at shorter ranges.


Bolt Action / Well L96 Compact Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle (Tan/Scope Package Deal)

The Bolt Action is perhaps the most iconic gun in all of Fortnite. It’s mostly a one hit kill and is often found with plenty of ammunition. Range is absolutely fantastic and it can definitely take you the distance. Just like any other extreme range gun, keep a secondary for those closer engagements!



LMG / Classic Army CA249 Para AEG Airsoft LMG

The LMG is one of the most intimidating guns in Fortnite. The LMG can lay down high volume of fire and shred through any wood cover. Often found with one belt the biggest draw back to the LMG is ammunition. It seems like it’s always running dry. Our recommendation is that you stock up ammunition and use it in the final 15. Giving you plenty of time to gather up ammo. This’ll allow you to bunker down and lay waste to others.


Minigun / Classic Army M132 HPA/Gas Airsoft Microgun

The LMG is intimidating, the Minigun just makes people turn and run. One of the rarer items in the game, the minigun is literally a game changer. It features the same drawbacks as the LMG and slightly less accurate. It makes up for it with a much higher rate of fire. We still recommend putting it away until you’re in the final 15.

Microgun m132 mini gun gatling
Dave’s Loadout for OP Wildman, including the CA M132 Microgun