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The Gold Standard: The Elite Force GLOCK 19 Airsoft Pistol Review

When You Need Perfect, Accept No Substitutes

That’s why most of the world’s military and police forces choose Glock as their sidearm of choice. It is a proven performer in the real steel world. Glock hits unprecedented levels of reliability and practical performance at a price point that can’t be beat. The airsoft model from Elite Force and VFC holds the same standard, giving airsofters a proven system with reliable construction and fantastic ergonomics.

We’ll be breaking down what makes the Glock 19 great, by taking a look at internals, externals and the reliability of the Elite Force Glock 19. Take a look for yourself and see why this pistol is so awesome!


More Than Just A Name

Anyone who has been a part of the airsoft community for a while knows that Glock airsoft replicas have been very hard to come by. Elite Force being able to secure the license was nothing short of a small miracle, but it left them with a huge responsibility. With the only officially licensed replica on the market, they knew it had to be the best it could possibly be.

The external components of the Glock 19 are nothing short of flawless. The execution of it’s construction is exquisite matching the real model part for part in appearance. The sights are identical, the dimensions of the grip are exact. The polymer even feels very similar to the polymer Glock USA uses to construct their real handguns.

Pulling the trigger invokes the Glock 19’s signature trigger safety, and the omnipresent “wall” in every glock is definitely there, warning you before you break a shot. The sensation is not dissimilar from firing an actual 9mm Glock 19. VFC and Elite Force paid the extra attention to the details here. From the texture of the grip, to the spacing of the finger grooves, everything is explicitly designed to be as realistic as possible.

What’s On The Inside Counts Too

The internal components of the Glock 19 show that VFC has been learning and improving with every gun they make. The interior systems bare an uncanny resemblance to older VFC pistols, but without all of the blemishes and poor design choices that plagued earlier models. The Glocks inner workings run smooth, like a well oiled machine. That is, as long as the gun is kept lubricated. The blowback chamber does it’s job, the hop up works as advertised. FPS is pretty consistent at 310 FPS. With hop up adjusted, 100 Foot shots are only difficult because of the native difficulty of 100 foot hand gun shots, and not because the pistol can’t do it.

Gas efficiency is pretty great too. It pushes out a solid two magazines per gas fill, and doesn’t feel like it is losing power at any point in the process until the last 4 or 5 shots. The recoil is sharp and feels great. It’s not anywhere near as realistic as some CO2 offerings, like the Glock 17, but the kinetic feedback was a welcome feeling. Where some green gas based sidearms can feel muddy and soupy with only enough force to chamber a round, the Glock 19 sends the slide rearward with intent. If you do not properly apply fundamentals, you can and will miss your follow up shots, and that’s a level of realism we can respect.


Bigger Than The Sum Of It’s Parts

The Elite Force and VFC Glock 19 gas blowback pistol is a much awaited addition to the world airsoft arsenal. It provides a definitive recreation of the iconic firearm it is based on that puts it’s performance where it’s muzzle is. This gun is designed to give you the perfect training platform for shooting real Glock 19s. while also providing the quintessential airsoft sidearm experience. You are doing yourself a disservice not to add this gun to your collection immediately.

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Top Airsoft Questions – “Gas Powered 1911” Edition

The real Colt 1911a1 was designed by John M. Browning. The US Army began use of this model on March 29, 1911 and became known as the Model 1911. The U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps adopted this gun in 1913. Over the years and many battles, the 1911 has become an iconic handgun. Many manufacturers have adopted this model and have made changes throughout the years. Allowing this gun to stand the test of time! Lets answer some questions about the 1911 in airsoft!


Is the Colt M1911 airsoft gun good?

There are many different manufacturers of the 1911 in airsoft. A lot of them are not modeled after the original Colt 1911. Due to how popular the 1911 pistol is. It is has been on the market for a long time. With a plethora of upgrade and repair parts available. Manufacturers like Elite Force, KWA, KLI, and Tokyo Marui make high quality pistols out of the box! Especially the 1911 pistol!

How long do CO2 powered airsoft guns usually last?

There are a couple of factors to consider when thinking about this. The quality of the pistol and the how you maintain the gun. A poorly built gun with full maintenance will fail due to poor construction. A well built gun with no maintenance will still fail! If you don’t clean your gun and inspect for extensive damage. Any gun will fail eventually. With CO2, the pressure is dramatically increased. The same will go for the stress. Look for a gun with a great history and manufacturers that actually care what the customers have to say!

1911 or Glock?

This is probably a question that has been asked since the Glock was conceived. It has grown into a keyboard war with no end in sight! As well as the Glock performs, it is hard to argue against the pistol that fought in two world wars! You choose which side you want to be on!

Is the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 a worthy airsoft sidearm?

The TM 5.1 is technically not a 1911, but it is reliable out of the box. You can also upgrade it to look and shoot however you want. You can do anything you want to this gun! But it’s not a 1911…

I personally have used and owned a plethora of hand guns. Front the Glock, to Sig P226. Even the M92f and FN 5-7. I will always find myself going back to the 1911. No matter who make it, it will always be the same gun. I will always be able to pick up any airsoft 1911 and get the sights on target each time. However, I do like features from other pistols. Maybe I will talk about them in the next blog!

Top Airsoft Snipers 2019

What Are The Top Snipers in Airsoft For 2019?

We get asked every day about the best types of snipers for airsoft. Every year we see new releases. Why not combine the two into an annual list of the best guns to hit the market in 2019?

Let’s take a journey through our top 5 Airsoft Sniper rifles available in 2019! If you’d like to pick one of these up for yourself, make sure you check out Airsoft GI by clicking HERE.


Modify USR150

The Modify USR150 is a legendary Sniper Rifle option on the market in 2019. It’s basically built and ready to go out of the box, one of it’s key selling points. It features high end construction, a pretty easy bolt pull and massive power! This rifle clocks in at around 500 FPS with ease, but you’d never know it trying to yank on the bolt handle because it is so smooth. This gun truly is a one-and-done-slap-a-scope-on-it-and-send-it type of rifle!


Amoeba Striker AS01

The Amoeba Striker AS01 by Ares and Elite Force made our pick for one of the top guns overall in 2019. It is lightweight, incredibly modular and not very expensive. It costs less than $200, hits in the DMR velocity range for most fields out of the box and is reliable to boot. This gun has infinite possibilities for customization with Ares releasing new parts for it all the time. This means you can use this rifle to truly become a unique long range force to be reckoned with on the airsoft field.


Classic Army SR40

The Classic Army SR40 makes our list because of it’s incredible value! You can regularly score this gun for insanely low prices but it doesn’t sacrifice quality to get there. While it is not the fully built powerhouse of the previous two rifles, it is capable of taking a bunch of different upgrades to really build this out into a budget friendly formidable blaster. The adjustable cheek riser is a nice touch and the ability to add a suppressor with a muzzle adapter is always welcome!


Echo 1 M28

The Echo 1 M28 is one of the older rifles on our list, but it gets to stick around because of the raw power it pumps out! Much like the Modify USR, this rifle hits like a mack truck, and Echo 1 has released a bunch of parts over the years to keep them running. That’s why it gets to keep a spot on top rifles list, even though it’s not necessarily as new as the others.


JG Bar 10

The JG Bar 10 is easily the most ubiquitous rifle on this list. It has been the go to pick for upgraded sniper builds for some time now. While other companies have released updated systems with new ways to reinvent the wheel, the JG rifle and the TM VSR10 that it’s a clone of, have been steadily accruing a huge stable of upgrade parts with which to build your ultimate long distance calling card. If you want the best… Accept no substitutes.

The List Has Spoken

That’s our top 5 pick for 2019 sniper rifles. If you think we missed an important option for the sniper market, reach out and let us know so we can evaluate it for next year’s list. If you want to pick up any of the rifles you saw, head over to Airsoft GI and snag one for yourself!


Top Questions: Airsoft Glock Talk Q&A

So You Wanna Talk Glock… Airsoft Glock!

We’re back with another round of Questions and Answers! In our Top Questions series, we answer questions compiled by the internet asked by YOU, real deal airsofters!

Who Makes The Best Glock? How Many Kinds Are There?

That’s Easy! Elite Force has the only licensed Glock options in the United States for airsoft. They all shoot incredibly well, feel and function like the real thing and are extremely reliable in adverse conditions. Whether you go CO2, Green Gas, full blowback or partial they have an option for pretty much everyone. Here are some of our favorites below:

Which Is Better? Co2 Or Green Gas Glocks?

It really depends on your environment and preferences. Co2 is great for areas where it is cold or green gas isn’t readily available. It’s also got better felt recoil on the whole, but can lead to more maintenance over time to prevent issues. Green gas is superior for warmer climates, and can help cut down on maintenance times as well.

Is an Airsoft Glock Good For Training?


They feel identical to their real counterparts in size and are pretty close in weight. Airsoft Glocks like the ones made by Elite Force/Umarex will fit most Glock model holsters. The realistic recoil, controls, and trigger all make it a perfect option for dry fire training practice, and even some live fire when applied properly. In fact, these guns original purpose was as a training tool long before ever being acquired by the civilian airsofter.


Is There A Full Auto Glock?

Yes. It hasn’t hit the market yet, but stayed tuned to Airsoft GI for updates as we get them!


How Do You Maintain Your Airsoft Glock Magazine?

This is accomplished much the same way you do with any GBB pistol magazine. Make sure your seals are properly lubricated and tight. Always keep a little gas in the magazine, but never completely full when not in use. Keep them clean and stored safely and you should minimize any problems down the road.


Can I Use My Glock In CQB?

Since these guns all chrono under 350 FPS on a .20g BB pretty reliably, you should be able to. Now, that comes with a caveat that you should check the rules at your local airsoft field. Some fields have been known to ban CO2 or may have lower restrictions than the national average.

Hopefully That Helps!

As always, if you didn’t get your question answered, reach out to us on social media or call into your closest GI Walk-In store and let us know! We’ll try to feature your questions in a future episode!