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Why Speedsofters Fail at Milsim

Wait! Before you lose your minds and say MISLIM sucks and have a milsim’er play SpeedQB, hear me out. Between SpeedQB and MILSIM, most would consider them to be on complete opposite sides of the airsoft spectrum. That Speedsofters would suck at MILSIM. I never hear that Milsim’ers would sucks at SpeedQB, but that will be part two. The competitive side of players would immediately challenge the idea of someone claiming that they “suck” at a specific style of game play, especially when they are considered to be polar opposites. Is it that hard to believe that a player would have difficulty playing a style that they are not familiar with? Here are a few reasons why MILSIM, or Military Simulation would be difficult for Speedsofters.

Lack Of Tactics

With the MILSIM style of game play, some of the tactics will be a little different. In SpeedQB, it is usually room clearing, moving from bunker to barricade and trying to out maneuver your opponent with speed. Whether its rushing with fire or running around to flank, your speed plays a huge factor in your success. In MILSIM, there is so much more going on beyond the structure of teams and your chain of command. Each player typically has a role to play. Roles such as rifleman, grenadier, medic, scout, and sniper all have different jobs. Depending on what your role is, you will change how you play in the context of the larger team.

Then we have differences in the playing field itself. At MILSIM events, you are usually at a very unique AO or Area of Operations, somewhere like a shut down factory or a unused neighborhood with multiple buildings and complexes. Usually there will be wide open areas with nothing to use as cover. This may prove to be difficult as Speedsofters might not know how to coordinate and move from building to building. Having to perform much larger flanking maneuvers might not work if there are enemy teams in buildings past your target. Once  inside CQB tactics will dominate. However, it will still be different from the bunker to bunker style they normally play. The larger manuever warfare aspects of gunfighting make a substantial difference in larger scale simulated combat than what a speedQB player typically encounters.

Load Out / Tactical Gear

In SpeedQB it is a competitive style adapted from Paintball. Usually it will be Team Death Matches that will last a few minutes, sometimes seconds. As for MILSIM, they can run anywhere from 6-48 hours! Even with the Milsimers that have a “High Speed, Low Drag” mentality, they will usually carry more supplies in preparing for the event. With Speedsofters, they usually have a very minimal load out to maximize their speed and maneuverability.  They keep only magazines and gear to hold what they will need in a shorter gun fight. If this is the mentality that is used when preparing for a MILSIM event, you will be at a very huge disadvantage and probably won’t have enough supplies to last more than a few hours. It’s important to know what your role will be at the start, and make sure you have what you need to last the whole game. If SpeedQB is a sprint, MILSIM is the marathon.


I think it is safe to say that most airsofters will upgrade their guns to get the best performance . Whether that is to maximize range, accuracy, trigger response, and rate of fire, Most players are performance minded. I listed range as the last problem because if you have the right tactics and gear I believe you will be able to play a MILSIM event successfully. Since tactics are more important than raw gunfighting power, you can make do.

At the same time, I believe having shorter range will put you at a disadvantage at different times during the event. You may not be able to fight back if the enemy team shooting at you can shoot 100 feet further than you. This will all come down to the capabilities of your gun alone. Speedsofters will use very short barreled rifles and pistols to stay light and to get the gun on target as fast as possible. However it is hard to maximize your range and accuracy if your barrel is very short. Moving over to a longer rifle might effect the way they perform in close quarters, but it can help bridge the gap when transitioning to a larger playing field.

How Do You Fix It?


This comes down to doing some pre-game reconnaissance of where you will be playing. MILSIM players will look at maps and look at videos of previous events at a particular site to optimize their gear. Most SpeedQB loadouts tend to work a majority of close quarters oriented fields/arenas. This can often be a big shock to the SpeedQB player playing his first or second MILSIM game without doing the right research.


With all of these topics in mind, how do you think Speedsofters would perform at a MILSIM event? Even with these “issues”, a coordinated team can do a lot of damage and change the tide of the game. Violence of Action, the key ingredient in successful speedsofting, still has a place in MILSIM.

Stay tuned for part two where we talk about why Speedsofters would do great at a MILSIM event!

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TOP QUESTIONS: Green Gas Pistols Q&A

Got Gas? We’ve Got Something For That

Many of you have written in and asked us about some more green gas pistol answers after our Q&A on CO2 products. We’re back with another round of answers for your burning green gas questions!


How Do You Use Green Gas?

It’s pretty simple. Most green gas pistols fill from the magazine. Take the magazine out of your pistol and locate the gas input valve, usually located on the bottom. Some pistols fill direct to the grip, and it will typically be located on the bottom of the pistol grip. Hold the magazine so that it faces upward. Take your green gas can, give it a rigorous shake, then turn it upside down. Align the fill valve with the nozzle on the top of your green gas can, and press the two together and hold for about six seconds. Your green gas magazine is now filled.

From here, all you have to do is load up your bb’s, load your magazine into your gun, rack the slide and fire!

Where Do I Get Green Gas?

From us, of course. Click HERE.

What Green Gas Gun Should I Get For $140?

There’s a ton of good options at this pricepoint. We’ll list a few below.

KLI baba yaga 1911 hi capa

How Do You Turn A Green Gas Magazine Into A CO2 Magazine?

The short version is: You don’t. However, some pistols are capable of taking both types of gas, and it’s as simple as changing out the magazine. Not all pistols are capable of taking both CO2 and Green Gas though, so make sure you check your specifications. Also worth noting: Just because you found a way to make it work does not mean it’s safe or won’t break your pistol. Be safe, and follow the recommendations from your manufacturer.

How Often Should a Green Gas Pistol Be Oiled?

Like we mentioned in the video at the start of the blog, it depends. Pistols should be oiled any time they are losing lubricity on the slide. This can be every time you play if you didn’t use enough lube the first time or if it was really dirty at the field that day. It can also be every couple of months if you don’t play very often and use quality lubrication supplies. Remember, use 100% silicone oil, not real steel cleaning agents as they can damage your airsoft gun or void your warranty!


We’ve Got Your Six

Hopefully that answers some of your questions about green gas pistols. As always, reach out and let us know if there’s anything you need answered, reach out to us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or via the comments section of this blog!

Top Airsoft Questions – Simple Upgrades AEG Edition


The upgrades for automatic electric guns or AEG’s are very similar/exactly the same as sniper rifles and gas blowback guns. If you have read out Sniper Rifle Upgrades Blog. Make sure you check it out. We will list them again for those who are lazy (lol). There are a few more simple upgrades you can do to electric rifles that we will list below!

BB Weight

Just like any other airsoft gun. The weight of the BB will greatly effect the accuracy of each shot from your airsoft gun. You want to choose your weight depending on your FPS and barrel length. Test different weights to see what gives you the best performance. I would recommend starting with a .25g and going upward. This weight works great with multiple barrel lengths and FPS readings.

Hop Up Bucking

Now this may not be necessary for some guns, as the stock bucking from certain companies are actually really good. If you notice there is an inconsistency with range, the bucking is the first suspect. The FPS and BB Weight are going to be the determining factors when choosing a hop up bucking. I have had great performance out of the G&G Green Bucking, Madbull Blue Bucking, Modify Flat Hop Bucking as well as various Maple Leaf Buckings. Any of these will give you great performance, but if you get the chance, test a few out for yourself and see how the performance will differ.

Inner Barrel

The inner barrel is going to be the main factor in your accuracy. Depending on the inner barrel you choose, the performance can change dramatically. Some factors to consider when choosing your inner barrel are the type of metal, and the length. I recommend a 6.03 inner diameter made of stainless steel as it provides the best benefit without possibly causing feeding issues in full auto. Make sure you get the correct length of inner barrel for your gun as well.


I am often asked how to get better trigger response and rate of fire from an AEG. These people will immediately go into asking about high speed gears other modifications that will require extensive work when simply using a more powerful battery can instantly help. WARNING! You must make sure that your gun can handle the higher voltage battery. Do some research and check your user manual. You will want to be as safe as possible and do this at your own risk.


This one does require a little more work, but installing a new motor can help increase your trigger response and rate of fire without changing your battery. This will work with proper motor height adjustment. However, it is typically recommended that you reshim your gears to the new motor. In my experience, I have replaced motors in stock guns with little to no issues. Be wary though! My experience may differ from yours! Just be careful not to go too overboard and put in a motor that’s too powerful for your gun, or you’re in for some other upgrades pretty quick.


There are a lot of simple upgrades that you can do to your airsoft gun. It is up to what you choose that will determine the performance. Do some research and find what works best for you!

Coming Soon: KLI Baba Yaga 1911 Hi-Capa CO2 Preview

KLI baba yaga 1911 hi capa

The CO2 Hi-Capa to end all Hi-Capas: The Baba Yaga

New airsoft guns come out all the time. This fact is not news. However, when something comes to market that is truly remarkable, especially when it’s from function, that is news. The KLI Baba Yaga Hi-Capa is a fresh new CO2 powered take on the tried and true classic double stack 1911 design. It packs an elegant beauty with just enough flash to keep your attention. It’s unique exterior houses a design packed with performance on the inside. Most importantly, when loaded up with CO2, this immaculate airsoft pistol delivers some of the most mind blowing recoil of any airsoft gun you have ever felt.

Externals Like a Well Tailored Suit

A perfectly tailored suit does not need to rely on bright flashy colors or unnecessary frills to look good. It accentuates the body of the person wearing it, tailored to their exact dimensions for a perfect fit. A solid black suit, when tailored and fitted to the wearer is the textbook definition of class and elegance. The KLI Baba Yaga is no different.

The lines and curves on this pistol all serve a purpose. The slide serrations aid your grip when you rack the slide. The window cuts aren’t just there to flash a little color of the tastefully bronze colored outer barrel, but to lighten the slide for a faster cyclic rate. A dragon scale grip texture helps you maintain a firm grasp in adverse conditions on your airsoft pistol. The only other bit of color on this gun is a green fiber front sight for accurate shots. Every piece of this pistol has been put in place to serve purpose and accentuate the shooter. You won’t find flashy colors and extraneous accessories here because they are unnecessary. Everything coalesces into an elegant piece to make you shoot better, and it defines excellence.


Performance Parts Like an Italian Supercar

KLI Baba Yaga Shooting

Inside of this elegant destroyer of airsoft opposition is a suite of internals designed to give you the edge. A light and crisp trigger gives way to a blowback unit capable of handling the raw primal power of CO2 gas. The Baba Yaga’s nozzle chambers the BB inside of a hop up purposely designed to send BBs out to distances expected of your rifle, The quality constructed barrel ensures you get consistent accurate fire every time you press the light but defined trigger. It comes together the way the highest end sports cars combine their lithe body styles with immensely powerful engines to give you peak performance. While the pistol shoots like an absolute dream, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Recoil That Moves Mountains

KLI Baba Yaga recoil

The most astonishing part of shooting the KLI Baba Yaga 1911 Hicapa with CO2 is the force feedback from the recoil. It barks with thunderous presence. You can feel the whole pistol jolt with earth shaking force. This is quite possibly the closest the airsoft community has come to a replica pistol that feels like the real thing. Every pull of the trigger is an absolute delight to the shooter. With all the same ability that it aids the shooter through purposeful fitment and design, it challenges you to be the best marksman you can be to tame the titanic recoil this gun produces. Where other guns would wither and scream “Help me!” this gun commands a deafening presence and begs you to keep shooting. Every trigger pull releases a beastly shout and wrist-shaking snap before delivering your BB downrange.

A Must Have For Your Collection

Whether you are a steadfast soldier of the plastic battlefield or a collector; this gun deserves a place of pride and praise in your personal collection. It truly is a unique, awe-inspiring piece sure to develop a cult-like following once it makes its debut to the masses. Other gas blow back pistols have come before. More gas blowback pistols will follow this release. We’re convinced that the recoil and performance of this subdued-yet-striking sidearm will be a nigh-impossible mountain for most manufacturers to push past.


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