Mil-Sim Essentials

Over the years I have worked for Airsoft GI, I received a lot of questions regarding mil-sim (military simulation) events, such as the famous John Lu’s Operation Lion Claws Series. The questions I received are mostly on guns and gears. So I decided to do an article of what equipment I would use and recommend using at military simulation events such as the Lion Claws Series. The equipment will include guns and essential accessories.

So what exactly is a military simulation? In airsoft, military simulation is a realistic representation of combat without the death. The Lion Claws Series usually have about 600 players, which is 300 on 300. There are objectives and chain of command that a player must follow. Each side has to complete a certain objective, such as capture the flag, defend a stronghold, etc. The entire event lasts about three days. So what equipment do I need to bring to this type of events in order to complete the objectives and to have fun at the same time?


First thing, you must have an airsoft rifle in order to play in any airsoft games or operations. Generally, there are 2 options which you can go with. First, the cheaper and more affordable option is the electric rifles. There are a lot of airsoft electric rifle options available since it is the most popular platform in airsoft. The electric rifles are more effective and more efficient compared to the other platforms.

One of the affordable electric rifles I recommend is the Airsoft GI G4-A1 11’ TRX Carbine. The gun is light, durable, and reliable, perfect for a 3 day event such as the Lion Claws series. The light weight of this carbine comes in handy when you carry 10 magazines, hydration and other essential equipment. As everyone knows, ounces lead to pounds, and pounds lead to pain. The lighter the gun is, the less pain the operator will have, especially in long operations.

Pricing at only $236.00, the G4-A1 11” TRX is built on a G&G combat machine based gun, a Madbull TRX 11” rail, and a 14.5” barrel. Since it is the more affordable option, the operator have money left over for additional accessories, such as batteries, optics, flash light, lasers, and other essentials. Military simulation events usually do not allow the use of high capacity magazines unless you are a SAW gunner, therefore, I highly recommending picking up some KWA K120 Mid Capacity Magazines. These magazines are ultra reliable, durable, and feed flawlessly. They are made with high strength polymer outer body so it can take a beating. More importantly, they only cost 60 bucks for the six-pack, which is about $10 per magazine.

For more realistic action, which I actually preferred, I would highly recommend the gas blow back rifle series. KWA USA did a fantastic job of producing the best performing M4 gas blow back rifle for the airsoft community. The LM4 and the LM4 P.T.R. is the superior choice to me. The LM4 operates and feels just like a real AR-15, the LM4 and LM4 P.T.R. are a huge attraction for hard core airsofters, military and law enforcement personnel.

As most of you aware, the gas blowback rifles less budget friendly. The LM4 costs $380.00 and the LM4 P.T.R. costs $480.00. Although it feels and operates like the real AR-15, it is heavier than the G4 series electric rifles. The gun has less consistency because it is powered by compressed green gas. It has the best performance and efficiency in hotter weather, but in cold weather, it does not perform as well.

Not only are the gas blow back rifles are more expensive, the magazines also cost a more. One LM4 magazine costs about 45 bucks, and if you like the PTS version, it will cost you about 64 bucks for just a KWA Magpul P-Mag. The magazines are much heavier, easier to break, and obviously, it will make a huge dent in your wallet. I have to be very careful with the magazines, because if I drop it, I may potentially have to purchase a new one. However, as bad as it sound, it is cool to have some realism in the sport of airsoft. After all, it is mil-sim we are talking about here.

Secondary Projectile Weapons

The world is not perfect, something always goes wrong when we least expected it. Therefore a quick solution is to have a secondary weapon on us. I have selected 2 of the gas blow back airsoft pistols which I highly recommend if you are in a market for one. First is the more affordable option, the WE X-Tactical. The WE X-Tactical is a very well built and very affordable airsoft gun to have. Pricing at only $100, the WE X-Tactical is really more bank for your buck.

Since the WE X-Tactical has such a good price, you can spend the extra money on accessories. I would highly recommend picking up a G-Code holster for it. G-Code is one of the best holster companies (for real guns) in the world, and Airsoft GI has just picked up a bunch of new holsters from G-Code, including the XDM holsters. Using the Airsoft GI’s Saving Trifecta, you could potentially save more than you can ever imagine.

As good as the WE X-Tactical sound, I would highly recommend picking up a KWA 1911 PTP Series. If you are following the GITV blog, you would know that I am a huge 1911 fan. I eat, drink, sleep, and shoot the 1911. Again, KWA has produced the best performing 1911 platform in the world of airsoft. The weight and feel is extremely close to the real 1911. However, the disadvantage of running a KWA 1911 is the price and the capacity of the magazine. It only holds 14 rounds in the magazine. Pricing at $165, there is not a whole lot extra money left over for any other accessories.


Since mil-sim is aiming to be as realistic as possible, I want to use the most realistic equipment that I can be using. Therefore, my preferred set up is the KWA LM4 and a KWA 1911 as my sidearm. But normally, if I decide to go to have a normal weekend game at local fields, I would prefer the cheaper option, since I can wreck more havoc with an electric airsoft rifle and high capacity magazines. Well that’s it for now, I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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