Airsoft GI News Series – The Brief

Hello Airsofters, it is Monday August 13th, 2012 and here are your top stories.

Airsoft GI is having an online sales which is ending tonight. So hurry up and go to and take advantage of this sales while it last!

Airsoft GI is releasing their Mystery Box Series 2 today! Boxes will go live and ready to be purchased at 1800 sharp! So airsofters, get ready and get yours before they are all sold out!

Last but not lease, Airsoft GI is giving out a FREE KWA HK45! One Golden Ticket is inserted into 1 new Airsoft GI Klean Canteen water bottle. WE have 276 water bottles and 1 lucky winner will receive the golden ticket! So Airsofter, if you want a chance of a Free KWA HK45, purchase the Airsoft GI Klean Kanteen!

That’s it for now, check out our youtube channel for more product reviews. I am Andrew, and you have just been briefed.

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