Gryffon Dragon Spine Belt – For Both Shooters and Airsofters

After years of being around firearms, tactical gear, going out shooting, training, and practice, I found out that for some situations keeping it simple is actually better. When I first started playing airsoft back in 2005 I had a replica CIRAS plate carrier with an excessive amount of pouches on it. The plate carrier was extremely heavyI did not really need all the pouches I had. It was not until I got into firearms that I realized “less is more”. You could do more with less equipment because of the weight and simplicity factor.

If you have read my previous articles, you know that I run a Banshee Plate Carrier and Suregrip Battle Belt system for my primary loadout. The pouches on my plate carrier and battle belt are bare essentials. I not only save weight, but simplicity can make me more efficient on grabbing my equipment out of the pouches. That is the reason why I like Gryffon, the new gear company that just surfaced on the tactical gear market. One particular item caught my eye is the Universal Shooter Belt. I already have a lot of ways to utilize this belt system.

Before I get into the different ways I can utilize this belt, let me first go over the special features. First, this belt is constructed with a tough tactical nylon. It has hook and loop on it, which means it is fully adjustable to any waist size. The belt included 2 belt keepers, which are also made with durable nylon. The Universal Shooter Belt comes with 2 pouches; a double rifle magazine pouch, and a dump pouch.

The Rifle Magazine pouch is universal. It can fit M4/M16 magazines, AK Magazines, G36 Magazines, SR25 / SCAR H magazine, etc. The dump pouch is also made with high durable tactical nylon, and it has a draw string which can be tightened to secure the cargo inside the dump pouch. The straw string can also be hidden inside the pouch, makingit very stream lined. The pouch is built for this belt, so there is no MOLLE backing. The mounting slot on the pouches are 2 inches wide, which is the same width on the belt. There are no up and down “play” on the pouches, which makes this belt a very solid platform.

Not only is this belt perfect for airsoft use, but it is also great for recreational shooting sport. I can take this belt out to a range and run drills with it. The magazine pouches are perfect for me to run my AR15 efficiently and effectively. The dump pouch is key when I need to do a tactical reload. This belt system is terrific for those of you just want a decent belt to hold your magazines.

This belt can also be used in a 3 gun competition. 3 guns competition consist of handgun, shotgun and rifle, in any order. This belt system can hold your rifle magazines, and the dump pouch can hold your shot guns shells. The dump pouch can hold a lot of shotgun shells so you can have a shotgun day on the range. The dump pouch’s open top design makes grabbing the shells easy, and with the pull string pulled, it can secure your cargo inside that dump pouch.

I would highly recommend this belt because of the adaptability and the simplicity. Most of you think this belt system will cost you somewhere about 30 to 40 dollars. However, I am delighted to announce that Airsoft GI will be selling this belt system for only $14.99. For $14.99, they system will include a durable belt, 2 double rifle magazine pouch and the dump pouch. This belt system is truly versatile. I could play airsoft with it and bring it out the range for drilling and 3 gun competitions. The Gryffon Dragon Spine Belt is really more bang for your buck. This belt system will be available soon on I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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