Galil – More Controllable AK Platform

When I first entered the world of airsoft, the brand ICS was not a popular brand. Back then, there were only a few guns that ICS produces, which were the M4 and the MP5 series AEGs. Their M4 was pretty interesting consider the fact it was the M4 with a split gear box design. The philosophy behind having a split gearbox; airsofters could change the spring easily if they desire to make the gun shoot a different FPS. The split gearbox design also makes changing out stripped piston fairly easily without extensive airsoft tech experience. From the beginning, the public opinion of ICS guns was very polarized. The guys who own it love them and the guys who didn’t hated them.

However, the company ICS listened to the suggestions the airsoft community gave back to them. They have been improving their quality ever since, and their new lines of M4 AEGs, AK, Galil, and MP5s are very solid. I am very impressed with the new line of AEGs, and the improvement ICS had made over the years. ICS has become one of the most reputable companies in the airsoft industry, and produces some of the most reliable, durable, performance, and unique airsoft guns in the airsoft market. Rifles such as the Galil and L85 are rare in the airsoft market.

ICS Galil – First Impression

When I first picked up the ICS Galil, it feels extremely solid and well built. The ICS Galil is quite light considering this gun is made with metal. The magazine resembles an AR-15 magazine with a little AK touch to it. The barrel is pretty long, 450mm; therefore the Galil is ideal for outdoor play. The rifle is comfortable when shouldered, bringing the sight right into my eye. The hand guard however, feels wobbly. Other than the hand guard, the ICS Galil exceeded my expectation on my first impression.

Detailed Inspection

I am impressed with the craftsmanship and the quality of the ICS Galil. The receiver, magazine, folding stock and the outer barrel are metal construction. The hand guard and pistol grip is consTructed with high durable polymer. The charging handle is like an AK, with the exception that it has a 90 degree turn, which makes it more accessible with the operator’s support hand. To fold the folding stock, all the operatOr has to do is to push down on the stock and fold. This makes the rifle extremely compact, perfect for going into CQB environment or moving in and out vehicles. There are 2 sling attachment points, one at the gas block and the other on the end of the receiver. The operator can choose between a single point and a 2 point slings. I recommend using the Magpul MS2 or MS3 slings which is both a single point and a 2 point sling.


The sight on the Israeli Military Industry’s (IMI) Galil comes with tritium insert, which glows in the dark automatically when needed. ICS did not add tritium to their sights due to cost, but it does come with bright white dots. The elevation and windage are fully adjustable through the front sight. The rear sight can only adjust the elevation. The rear sight is quite interesting. The rear sights have 3 preset distances, 100 meters, 300 meters and 500 meters. The 300 and 500 meters sight share 1 unit, while the 100 meters has it own separate unit. Instead of the traditional AK rear sight, the Galil rear sight is pushed all the way to the back of the receiver, this give the operator a longer sight radius for a more accurate shot.


The selector level on the Galil is like a traditional AK, after all, the Galil a derivative of the AK family. If you know AK family, you would know how annoying the selector lever is on the AK series weapon system. The operator needs to take his hand off fire control and to operate the selector lever. To increase survivability, IMI installed a selector control on the left side of the gun. The operator now can operate the selector using his/her thumb. A lot of airsoft companies took the short cut and did not put this feature in. ICS is not one of them. ICS took the time to make this selector functional. As the result, the operator can select safe, semi, and full auto using his/her thumb. This is a huge advantage on the battlefield because the operator has faster control.


Although the Galil fires 5.56mm rounds, it does not use a standard AK magazine and do not use a standard AR magazine. The magazine utilities the AK style mechanism, while having a straighter and thinner AR magazine. The magazine release mechanism is just like the famous AK; however it is larger and extended. This extended and enlarged magazine release can increase magazine changes in critical moment. Traditionally with an AK, the fastest waY to change magazine on an AK is to grab the fresh magazine, then using the fresh magazine tO hit the magazine release, and then insert the new magazine into the gun. With this enlarged and extended magazine release, the operator can release the magazine using his trigger finger, and simUltaneously grabbing the fresh magazine. This increases the lethality of the operator by ten fold.

Range Time

I grabbed an 11.1v stick LiPo battery off Tim’s desk and went out to the range. First removing the top receiver, the stick type battery fits perfectly in there. I then load up the high capacity magazine which comes with the gun. The ICS Galil shot at 390 feet per second, which is perfect for outdoor skirmish. The gun has a little bit of a whining noise which can be annoying. Re-shim the gear box or adjust the motor height can easily fix that right up.

Other than the motor noise and the wobble hand guard, this gun is definitely “a go” in my book. ICS has improved over the years and now it is one of the best airsoft gun companies in the industry. Straight out of Taiwan, the quality control is way better and tighter than guns coming out from China. Check out the ICS Galil at Until next time, I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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