SVD – Bigger, Badder, & Harder Hitting AK

The Dragunov Sniper Rifle or SVD is a short stroke gas piston operated semi auto sniper rifle. Chambered in 7.62x54mmR, the SVD came into service in the Soviet Union in 1963. The SVD utilizes a 10 rounds detachable box magazine. The rifle can deliver 10 accurate and lethal leads down range in less than 10 seconds. The quality control of the SVD has a higher standard compared to other Russian made small arms. This helps the SVD to be more consistent and maintain accuracy down range. Overall, this sniper rifle has been the main choice by the Russian and other countries around the world since the 60s.

King Arms

King Arms originally was a manufacturer that aims to produce parts and accessories for airsoft guns. King arms provide the best quality accessories at minimal cost. They take the same philosophy and apply it to their airsoft gun line, both gas blowbacks rifles and electric airsoft rifles. Attention to detail, king arms has produced some of the best looking airsoft gun on the market. Not only are King Arms AEGs aesthetically pleasing, but they are also reliable, durable, and are a well performing piece of art.

King Arms SVD

At first glance, the King Arms SVD is just “eyegasmic”. All black furniture, this gun is just screaming out the word “mean”. Just by staring at this beat, this gun gave me the chills. The King Arms SVD comes with a metal receiver, it is built to last. The plastic hand guard and butt stock help to save weight. The outer barrel, along with the front and rear sights are made with metal. The metal magazine holds 200 rounds of bbs. Overall, the gun is very well built externally, but how about the internal?

The internals of this SVD pair well with the terrific externals. Since I have never work on any internals before, I went to the tech department and asked them to dissect this gun to the bone. Tech Spencer opened up and explained the entire internal to me. To save you some pain, I have decided to film it instead of typing it out to save you and me some time. To understand the internal please refer to the video below.

Range Test

Right of the bat, King Arms SVD shot 400FPS with 0.20 grams bbs, which is pretty standard these days. To truly test this gun, we set up a range test which test the grouping at various distances. This gun performed my expectation. At 25 yards the grouping was within 3 inch circle. The gun with 0.25 grams bbs can shoot past 50 yards or 150 feet, which to me is no surprise since the gun has a 590mm inner barrel.

The King Arms SVD is quite long and hard to maneuver with it. This gun is perfect for out door airsoft games. Since this is an semi automatic rifle only, I would highly recommend players to carry additional back up airsoft guns, preferably something with automatic capability. Although the King Arms SVD is great for long range, this gun is not at its full potential right out of the box. Referring back to the above video, just by changing the piston and gear set might increase the FPS potentially. A lot of places allow semi auto sniper rifles to shoot 500 FPS, swap the spring and upgrade to this awesome gun’s potential.

Well there you have it, Pricing at only $265, the King Arms SVD is really more bank for your buck. Check out the King Arms Full Metal SVD at and get yours today. I am Andrew, stay safe and get out and play.

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