KWA H&K MP7 2 Mags Package Back in STOCK!

KWA H&K MP7 2 magazines package is back in stock! Get yours now at or click the picture above!

The KWA H&K MP7 is a fully trademarked gas blowback SMG. The build quality is excellent. The body is a high quality, high impact, ABS plastic. Metal parts include the rails, fire selector, slide release, iron sights, and retractable stock. The vertical grip can fold up or down for the user’s comfort. The stock has two positions, closed and open. The iron sights work in the down position and can be flipped up for longer range target acquisition. Every function on the MP7 is ambidextrous; the fire selector, the magazine release, the slide release, and the charging handle. The button to release the stock is the only thing that isn’t on both sides, but the gun is so small, and the button is located on the rear most portion of the gun that it can be accessed with either hand. With the H&K trademarks legally placed all over the gun, and KWA’s immaculate construction, this could easily be the most realistic airsoft SMG to date.

Manufacturer: KWA
Muzzle Velocity:350-360 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 48 rounds
Package Includes: gun, 2 magazines, manual

Please Note:
Product Does Not Include Red Dot

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