Echo 1 FAL – Licensed by Entreprise Arms

Here at the Airsoft GI Marketing Department, we have received a lot of comments saying all we push is the M4/M16 patterned rifles. Since the M4/M16 patterned airsoft rifles are the most popular and modular platforms in the firearm and airsoft industry, of course the majority of parts, guns, and accessories are for the M4/M16 platforms. Very few companies do actually go above and beyond to produce other platforms. Echo 1 is one of them, creating a fully licensed FAL patterned airsoft replica rifle. Let’s start with some background information on the FAL.

The FN FAL, Fabrique Nationale’s Fusile Automatic Legere, is one of the finest firearms ever entered in the theater of war. Born in the 40s in Belgium, the FN FAL is a very controllable but yet hard hitting rifle. Chambered in the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, this bad boy can touch someone out to 700 yards effectively. The FN FAL uses a sturdy box magazine, which could hold up to 20 rounds per magazine. Since the FN FAL was invented, more than 30 countries have or still use the FN FAL pattern rifle. In the 1980s, when the United Kingdom Army and the Argentinean Army were fighting in the Falklands Campaign both sides were using the FN FAL. According to Military Channel sources, the Argentineans were using the fully automatic version of the FN FAL, while the British Army was using the Semi-Automatic Version of the FN FAL. It is very rare to see a conflict in the 20th century where both sides are using the same battle rifle.

The FAL was originally manufactured in Belgium (of course being a Belgium design). However, due to its popularity, The FAL pattern rifles ended up being manufactured in numerous countries including: Britain, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Israel, Australia and South Africa. In a country where it is the citizen’s right to own firearms, rifle enthusiast in the United States could not pass on this great rifle design. Entreprise Arms started in 1993 with a mission to provide a better FAL rifle to the market. With a solid Belgium rifle design, combined with American craftsmanship, Entreprise Arms produced some of the world’s most reliable, accurate, and durable FAL pattern rifles. The Entreprise Arms FAL pattern rifles have been the preferred FAL pattern rifles in the American Shooting community.

With the popularity of the FN FAL rifles, Echo 1 sought out to produce a FN FAL airsoft replica rifle. Recognizing the reputation Entreprise Arms has, Echo 1 purchased the license and produced this exciting replica Entreprise Arms FAL airsoft rifle. Featuring full Entreprise Arms trademarks and logos, the Echo 1 Entreprise Arms FAL is truly one of a kind. Echo 1 has been a solid airsoft gun manufacturer since 2006, bringing a lot of quality and affordable airsoft guns to market. Echo 1 has improved their quality over the years and it is now one of the major brands on the airsoft battlefield.

Constructed with a metal body, my first impression of the Echo 1 FAL is that it feels very durable. The Echo 1 FAL comes with a solid outer barrel. To lighten the weight, the Echo 1 FAL has a highly durable plastic stock, polymer pistol grip, and a polymer hand guard. The hand guard does not have any wobble, which is always a plus in my book. There are two sling attachment points which is perfect for any two or three-point slings. The front and rear sights are fixed, but the elevation and windage are adjustable. Most importantly, the Echo 1 FAL comes with a top rail so optics and other accessories can be mounted.

After close examination, the Echo 1 FAL has a lot of features which other FALs may not come with. The rear sight has two different apertures, one for long range and the other for close quarter combat. There is a working charging handle, which will lock back the imitation bolt when pulled to the rear, exposing the hop up unit. The operator can then easily adjust the hop up. The bolt release is also functional, which when depressed, will return to its original position. The magazine holds about 500 rounds of BBs, which is superb in comparison with other platforms. The battery goes into the butt stock, and the Echo 1 Enterprise Arms FAL comes with a mini battery connector, perfect for any battery with a small battery connection, including Lithium Polymer Batteries.

The Echo 1 FAL utilizes a version 3 gear box. Although there are not as many after market version 3 parts out in the market compared to version 2, version 3 gear boxes are more stable in comparison. According to Airsoft GI Marq, not only is the version 3 gear box is more stable, it is also more precise. However, Marq did mentioned that it is harder to tech a version 3 gear box since there are more parts, but overall, the version 3 performs better with greater consistency compared to version 2 gear boxes.

Shooting this gun is as amazing as the aesthetics of this gun. Chronographed at 400 feet per second, this gun has solid performance. The selector has 3 modes: safe, semi, and automatic. The selector switch is placed perfectly where your thumb rests. I can easily access and switch between each firing mode when needed. When shouldered, the Echo 1 FAL is very comfortable. The sights are very low profile, and it will not get in your way when you are using optics.

Overall, the Echo 1 Entreprise Arms FAL is a very solid airsoft gun. With a durable construction and reliable internals, this gun is built to last. It is ready for you to get out and play right out of the box. The top rail allows you to mount any optics to give your FAL a “custom” look! If you are in the market for a FAL, or you are just sick of the M4/M16 platform, this FAL is a must have in your inventory. Check out this FAL and other Echo 1 Entreprise Arms FAL models at I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft.

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