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What Not To Do With Airsoft Guns

Crime Doesn’t Pay.

We would like to think that every single person who picks up an airsoft gun is only ever going to use it the proper way. It’s definitely for the better if every airsoft gun owner only ever dons their tactical gear and mask and hits up the local playing field for good honest legal fun. The sad truth of the matter is that this is not always what happens. Every time someone uses an airsoft gun in a negative way, it affects the whole of our community, and can end up causing even more harm to the continued enjoyment of our hobby.


So what should we be on the look out for? What things should we make sure we teach the younger generation NOT to do with an airsoft gun? Let’s cover some of the most important things to make sure we pass on to new airsofters.


#1. Don’t Do Crime

This one is pretty obvious.

If it’s illegal, definitely don’t do it with an airsoft gun.

You probably shouldn’t be doing it at all, but it only gets worse in the presence of a replica firearm. Many states have laws now that will treat the presence of a firearm, or anything resembling one as if it were the real deal for legal purposes. This means that you can go from a stern talking to, a simple ticket, or a small legal charge to something much worse and much more capable of ruining your future.

Where this becomes really important to the practical airsofter is in things like where you play. This is why we make such a big deal about having permissions, in writing, for the land you use to play on when hosting private games. What started as a fun game that shouldn’t have been against the rules can turn into a nasty case of breaking and entering or trespassing very quickly, and adding replica guns to the mix can only make it worse.

You shouldn’t be doing anything illegal, but definitely don’t do it with airsoft guns.


#2. Don’t Bring Guns Places They Don’t Belong

While not necessarily expressly illegal by the letter of the law, this can also cause all kinds of unnecessary issues both social and legal that you simply don’t want to deal with. Don’t bring your airsoft guns and gear to locations they don’t belong.

What kinds of places should you avoid?

Don’t bring your airsoft guns and gear to:

  • School
  • Religious Buildings
  • Public Parks
  • Places you Don’t Have Permission to Be

This isn’t all of them, but use your common sense. If you have to ask if it’s okay, it probably isn’t. Leave the gear at home, or for when you hit up your local field. This extends to how you travel as well. Keep your guns in a gun bag at all times, so that a simple stop at the gas station doesn’t turn into a felony police stop before you can blink.


#3. Don’t Play Airsoft Where You Aren’t Supposed To

This coincides with our last point, but don’t go playing airsoft in places where you don’t have permission. In fact, we published a whole article on how to go about setting up private games in a safe and legal way that you can check out if you need it.

There are several reasons to avoid this:

  • It can and probably is very illegal
  • It can lead to unnecessary police escalation
  • It shines a bad light on the community
  • It can lead to legislative action to ban airsoft

The nature of the gun rights debate in the United States, as well as how dangerous an airsoft gun can be when not used properly can lead to all kinds of problems if you begin trying to play airsoft in places you shouldn’t, even if you take every other precaution.

Remember Why We Have To Be So Careful

Airsoft has been in a precarious space in the public mind since it’s journey to the United States. It is still very much a small underground hobby that doesn’t have the political pull of a sport like paintball or football to defend against any legal challenges. To make matters more difficult, our likeness and appearance to real firearms and shooting sports colors many people’s perceptions to the negative, because they dislike guns as well.

Every time someone makes a mistake with an airsoft gun and gets in trouble, either by committing a crime or shining a negative spotlight via the news, it hurts our community. We have to be responsible as airsofters for making a positive impact and showing the rest of the world why our community is a positive activity that should be supported and remain legal. This means more fields start to open up in new places, more players get involved, and airsoft becomes more popular seeing more advancements and more product support from the manufacturers who make the guns and gear we love to use.

Don’t be the guy who does something stupid and ruins it for everyone.


If you need more advice on how to stay safe while you play, check out some of the articles we have on Airsoft GI.


Top 5 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol for less than 150.00 for 2020 – Isaias Pick

In 2019, we saw the release of quite a few new airsoft guns. As such we have come up with a new list of airsoft pistols to consider picking up for the coming year.

Sig Sauer M17 CO2

The M17 is one of the newest airsoft pistols to hit the scene and has already left a good impression on players. A strong metal slide, lightweight polymer frame that feels comfortable and natural in the hands definitely make this sidearm a contender. One of the most revered features would be the easy-to-adjust hop-up dial conveniently located underneath the outer barrel, the optic ready slide, and the ability to use both CO2 and Green Gas magazines.

H&K VP9 Tac by Elite Force

Another great addition to the H&K line from Elite Force is the VP9. This pistol sports an incredibly ergonomic grip, metal slide, picatinny rail, and ambidextrous mag release. A fine addition to anyone’s airsoft pistol collection

ASG CZ SP-01 Shadow

A model that’s been around for some time for sure, but it’s solid construction and incredibly reliable performance warrants serious consideration. Although not the most upgradeable pistol on the market, the performance out of the box doesn’t warrant any type of upgrades. The threads are -14 CCW making it incredibly easy to equip any tpe of muzzle device or tracer units. This CO2 powered pistol is both satisfying to use and an absolute work horse.

Sig Sauer ProForce P229

Another model to come from Sig Sauer that had been on a hiatus till recently. This P229 is actually currently being used by the Unite States Coast Guard for training applications, adding to the “cool” factor of this pistol. As a training pistol, the QC for these compact sidearms are quite effective, ensuing each pistol is built properly. Previous existing P229 magazines from KJW will also work with this model, a benefit to be sure. The SIG Sauer Proforce P229 is definitely a solid choice for any players looking for a new sidearms for 2020.

Elite Force 1911

As much as we all know and have praised this pistol to death, it still holds it’s spot on this list. Most experienced airsoft players have owned this pistol at one point or another, and its no surprise that this is a common first GBB pistol for many players. The maintenance required to keep this pistol going is actually quite minimal, replacement parts are available in kits sold by most airsoft retailers, and the retail price of $99-$120 makes it a compelling choice for many players. Its reputation for its reliability and satisfying kick are second to none and have solidified it on almost every “Best Airsoft gun” list.

What Are Airsofter’s Top 5 Wishlist?


Airsofters can be fickle and picky…

They all have very specific tastes, desires and needs when it comes to their guns and gear. Is there a specific kind of gear Airsofters want for the holidays? Could we rank them into a top 5 list?

You bet we can. Lock and Load, it’s time to see what the top 5 most requested items from Airsofters are this year in 2019!



#5. New Tactical Vest

Every year brings new trends in tactical gear. If you get complacent using the same tired old set up year after year, you never get a chance to improve your game. Airsofters love getting to try new game play styles and sometimes that also means trying out load outs to optimize your chances for success.


Try these popular new styles of vest for your airsofter.



All of these options encompass either modularity, speed, or both. These are the new trendy functions tactical gear has to have to meet the needs of modern airsoft players in 2019. We have far more options than these, but this can give you a great starting point to find the perfect option for your airsofter in your life, or yourself.


#4. A New Facemask or Goggles

Eye and face protection is an essential piece of kit for the airsoft player. Without it, you cannot safely engage in the game, and finding an option that is comfortable, doesn’t fog and looks awesome can often be a struggle, especially for new players. Consider giving these options a try:


Each of these options embodies the options you’ll want as a skilled player, aesthetics, comfort, and anti-fog tech. You can’t win if you can’t see what your shooting at, so having the latest and greatest in eye protection is important for every airsofter.


#3. A New Scope

Along the lines of being able to see your targets to win, you want to be able to aim at them too! Every airsofter around the world is always looking for a new and unique sighting system for their airsoft guns. Clear glass on your rifle is important to all but the most high speed of play styles, from red dots to long scopes. Here are some you should consider:

Make sure you can keep your aim true, and score one of these optics to help score hits on the field. Make sure you find the optic that suits your functional needs as well as your aesthetic style. We have a huge selection of optics and red dots available for you to try!


#2. A Grenade Launcher

Every airsofter wants to increase their versatility on the field. One of the easiest ways to do this is to supplement your rifle with additional armaments. 40MM Grenade Launchers give you the special “oomf” you need to take that next objective. These amazing launchers can house a ton of different shell types to fit any need! Here’s a few products you should consider!

The options are endless when you pack a 40MM grenade onto your rifle! Use it for clearing rooms, suppressing the enemy or firing rockets to take out vehicles at large MILSIM games! 40MM’s earn their #2 spot for their sheer versatility. Many airsofters want one of these but never pick one up, let 2019 be the year you embrace the underbarrel grenade life!


#1. A Brand New Gun

What airsofter doesn’t want to add another gun to their collection? A brand new rifle is the #1 most requested item by airsofters year after year because it’s the best way to guarantee you have some variety in your gameplay! Whether you want a sniper rifle to try long range games or a shotgun for close quarters a new gun makes it easy to change up your gameplay and have more fun on the field! Here are some of the hot picks for 2019:

These airsoft guns are some of the hottest guns you can check out in 2019! Every airsofter would be happy to own these guns in their collection. Add some variety to your collection and spice up your game days. If Short range close quarters isn’t working, add a sniper and try out the one-shot-one-kill game play that has taken the community by storm just by picking a new rifle out of the trunk!

Any of these gifts would be an awesome addition to an airsofter’s arsenal!


But What if I Can’t Decide?

That’s easy.

If even after all of this advice you can’t find the right gift for your airsofter, try a Gift Card!

Hopefully these suggestions have given you some ideas on what to get for that special airsofter in your life. These top 5’s apply to every airsofter out there, whether they play indoor CQB or outdoor at the biggest MILSIM fields in the world. We’ve got all the best gifts for Airsfoters, outdoorsmen and hobbyists alike!


Check out all of our offerings right HERE.


Top Fives: Top 5 Airsoft Game Types

Game On. Airsoft Style.

Just like there are many different types of airsofter, there are many different types of airsoft game. Load up your airsoft guns, throw on your facemask and tactical gear and get ready to check ou t our list of Top 5 Airsoft Game Types.


#1. Team Death Match

KLI Baba Yaga recoil

Team Death Match (or TDM as it may be more well known) is first on the list for very good reason. It gets played everywhere.

From indoor fields on the west coast to the outdoor MILSIM games on the east coast, every player has played a TDM match at some point in their airsoft career. The concept of the game is simple, shoot the other team by slinging as many BB’s as you can, try not to get shot. Last team standing wins.

TDM also finds itself at the heart of every other game type you may see on this list, as at the end of the day, everything ends with shooting the players on the opposing team.


#2. Capture The Flag

This stalwart staple of the airsoft field circuit exists at #2 because much like it’s cousin, Team Death Match, it gets played A LOT.

While the flag isn’t always a flag per say, some form of “grab this thing and take it somewhere else” is a popular way to spice up traditional “just shoot the other guy” game play by mixing in a goal that isn’t directly linked to your Kill/Death ratio.

Rules in these modes can vary, but often revolve around some key centerpiece object, the “flag”, and capturing it to return it to another location. Sometimes each team has a flag, sometimes there is only one. The possibilities are close to limitless, and you can change the flag out for anything from a bomb, to a downed pilot, to a vehicle players have to escort from one place to another.


#3. Domination / Conquest / Territory Control

Our third most popular game type has a few different monikers you may know it by, but they are all essentially the same. This mode works like capture the flag but in reverse. In stead of grabbing a Flag and taking it to a new location, you have to seize a piece of territory, sometimes just a building, sometimes a whole area or a parked vehicle, and defend it from the enemy.

This style of game rose to prominence due to it’s popularity as the centerpiece game mode of the Battlefield franchise of video games, and it’s ease of set up for the airsoft field. It requires very little set up to engage in, and can provide very dynamic and engaging game play without much input from field staff. It can be scored any number of ways, though the most popular tends to be by measuring who controls the most area by the end of a given time limit. Sometimes scoring is determined in parts during the game as well.  This mode is great when mixed into larger scenarios utilizing some of the strategies of a game type like Capture the Flag as well.

#4. Blob Games

These game types also have many colorful names, but the basis is simple. Start with multiple squads, and have every pick a name for the squad. Once the game starts, the goal is to shoot everyone you can, and “tag” them back in to your own team, assimilating them into a giant blob. The winner is the team that engulfs everyone at the end.

These games are perfect during pre-determined lunch periods or more casual days, as they keep the action going, and tend to remove the nasty “walk to respawn” part of airsoft that we all hate doing. If you get shot, it means someone is pushing on your position and you’re about to gain a whole new slew of targets to engage once you’ve flipped teams.

This mode is perfect for players who love chaos, as it can often be hard to tell who is on which side or what you should be concentrating on when you start picking targets. However, it provides some of the highest quotas for trigger time of any game type we’ve ever played, and that’s what makes it so much fun. It is by nature a very kinetic and dynamic game that forces you to think on your feet and adapt to a constantly changing battle line.


#5. Hunger Games / Battle Royale

This game mode gets it’s name from the popular styles of video game, and the movie/book fandom that hit big in the mid 2000’s. Replicating the same style of gameplay is pretty simple, lay out everyone’s guns around your play area, and make everyone scavenge for their gear to do battle. Last player standing is the winner!

This game type works best when you have a lot of trust between players, as you’ll be handling each others gear, and can be the most fun with small groups of players for fast turn around. The thrill you get when playing these types of games is exhilarating and cannot be beat by any other type. It is worth every second of how tricky this style of game can be to get going at your local field.


This definitely wasn’t everything

There are far more options for game modes, styles, and types than the five we’ve shown you here today. However, these can be perfect if you are trying to set up your own field and need some inspiration. This may also work as a primer on the basics of airsoft game types for new players, and hopefully you all learned something today. Each of these types of games requires a different set of skills and thinking, and you can improve the odds by picking the right gear for the challenge ahead.

If you would like to kit out for one of these games, click HERE.

Smaller Than Your Average – Lancer Tactical Proline Needletail PDW Review

Lancer Tactical Proline Needletail PDW (Low FPS)


            The Lancer Tactical Gen2 series can be called without a doubt, a successful revival of the brand. Upgrades pre-installed, and a much better quality control are just of the much needed components to creating a successful line, and Lancer Tactical realized this. Almost every Gen2 Lancer Tactical is a complete step forward when compared to the older first generation rifles. However if you find yourself stuck deciding which model to invest in, hopefully this overview of the Proline Needletail PDW will help you decide.

            Externally, the Needle tail features a full metal receiver and not a bit of wobble anywhere to be felt. The rail installed is an M-lok metal rail, making it super sleek and low profile. The PDW stock is also of a lower profile design and houses the battery. It must be said that while the Needle tail’s PDW stock is not exactly spacious, there are much worse and tighter battery compartments out in the market. Additionally the rifle will sport a flat trigger, definitely attempting to exude an aesthetic of modern tastes.

            The internals are that of the proline; V2 gearbox that is fully upgradeable, ETU and mosfet, 6.03 tightbore inner barrel, and a quick change spring system. There does exist two variations of this particular model, a common practice for Lancer Tactical. While one of these variations shoots closer to 400 fps, this particular model shoots sub 350. This makes it much more convenient for indoor players as most indoor fields will restrict airsoft guns to fire at no more than 350 fps.

            Couple its high quality internals and its sturdy compact external design, this is a definite contender for your next CQB airsoft platform.