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Originally written by ASGI Bill

Recently I was in the market for a new plate carrier as my trusty Condor Quick Release Plate Carrier was slowly wearing out from 4 years of hard abuse. After talking to Bob about his setup (as well as trying on his plate carrier) I chose the Specter MPC plate carrier in black as I have always like black gear. I understand that is may not be as hip or cool as the newest camo (cough* multicam, cough*) or anything in tan, but I has always given me the PMC/Mercenary look I try to go for. Let me tell you, this plate carrier is well worth the price, and I plan to always buy American made plate carriers from now on, as it is built like a Mack truck and can take a beating.


If you have ever seen my loadout, I carry a lot of stuff, and I mean A LOT. On the front of my plate carrier I have 3 Tactical Tailor pouches, each holding two magazines a piece, and next to those, I have two High Speed Gear TACO pouches with pistol TACO’s attached. These are my “I need to reload 5 seconds ago” pouches. On my chest I have a Condor admin pouch where I proudly wear my Defenders of Liberty patch and Team Airsoft GI Patch. Besides patches, that is where I put my wallet, keys, and any random little items.


On my left side I have a small utility pouch where I usually keep a small screwdriver and electrical tape.  My back contains my Condor Hydration Carrier, as well as an M4 pouch to hold my radio and another Utility Pouch/Medical Pouch which I keep a small First Aid Kit and (this I recommend to all Southern California Player, or anyone in a desert environment) a snake bite/animal sting kit. Like my play style, my plate carrier is always changing, and my ultimate goal it to make it 100% USA made in terms of all the pouches.


While people are going away from it I still run leg rigs. On my left leg I have a condor M4 magazine leg rig to hold 4 more magazines and on my right I have a Blackhawk holster with leg panel that holds my Stark Arms G18C. This is all attached to my battle belt (which I have for extra padding) and on the back of that I have a rubber knife which I always like to keep handy… for close encounters.


For the past 4 years, I have always just worn a hat backwards, until recently, I finally bought a Lancer MH style Fast Helmet to protect my head from the occasional BB as well as giving me an easy way to mount a camera. As someone who likes to customize things, I created a stencil and painted a Jolly Roger on the side of my helmet just because. For my eye protection, I bought the Revision Desert Locusts (the one that comes with both clear and tinted lenses) and have had no issues with fogging. For my face, I have a mesh mask (which I custom painted of course, as well as lined it with thin, breathable fabric to prevent irritation) that I had to do some trimming with a Dremel tool to get it to fit perfect with my goggles. Since most fields in California require hard ear protection now, I wear Impact Sport electronic headphones (which are designed for real steel) however while it cancels out noise over a certain decibel lever, it amplifies ambient noise, essentially giving me the edge in sneaking around.


In my closing words, I want to tell those younger or newer player, don’t listen to other’s opinions when it comes to building your loadout, build whatever you like and what make you happy. I couldn’t be happier.

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