Airsoft GI Tv Review of the new ASGI4-A2

Never before have we built a custom gun with such a high value per dollar ratio. The base gun is a special Combat Machine M4 with a crane stock that’s wired to the back. The brilliant techs at Airsoft GI have fitted a Madbull One Piece Barrel, M249 Flash Hider, and Official License Daniel Defense Free Float RIS. As a result, the final product is a unique CQB carbine with flush look and sturdy front end. This is the first line up of new series of custom guns to come. We’ve worked out a special program with Combat Machine to build us a special M4 with a crane stock, sling mount, and the wires to the back, so we can eliminate the need for a PEQ box and keep a clean look. The Combat Machine was carefully chosen for their high quality, reliability and incredible value; in combination with the innovation and imagination from the Airsoft GI technical team we are building some of the highest quality guns that money can buy.

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