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The G4 Series Article is due this week…

An in-depth article featuring the G4 series guns and there origin is due to be published early this week.  Here is an abstract for you to get a taste of what’s to come:

Many months ago when the G4 was nothing more than an idea the airsoft market was very polarized.  On one side there was the upper echelon of Airsoft, long standing companies that have been engineering the same durable goods for years; the only choice in the minds of some seasoned players.  Conversely on the other side were the newcomers, well versed in economics, looking to supplement the low cost sector; the main attraction for the younger novice player.  This left a huge void right in the middle, where were the guns that were cool enough for the old-school guys, but affordable enough for the new-school?  The G4 fit this bill like a glove.

CQB Guns Galore – GI Gets Up Close and Personal

There’s something about CQB guns that’s attractive. The compact nature give off a certain aura that long range and sniper rifle guns cannot. These videos take a closer look at two of GI’s most popular CQB AEGs, the G4-A2 Flaming Hog and the Echo 1 XK.

Airsoft GI Tv Review of the new ASGI4-A2

Never before have we built a custom gun with such a high value per dollar ratio. The base gun is a special Combat Machine M4 with a crane stock that’s wired to the back. The brilliant techs at Airsoft GI have fitted a Madbull One Piece Barrel, M249 Flash Hider, and Official License Daniel Defense Free Float RIS. As a result, the final product is a unique CQB carbine with flush look and sturdy front end. This is the first line up of new series of custom guns to come. We’ve worked out a special program with Combat Machine to build us a special M4 with a crane stock, sling mount, and the wires to the back, so we can eliminate the need for a PEQ box and keep a clean look. The Combat Machine was carefully chosen for their high quality, reliability and incredible value; in combination with the innovation and imagination from the Airsoft GI technical team we are building some of the highest quality guns that money can buy.

Ares is on FIRE! with the new L85 Series AEGs!

These new guns from Ares are Hot!  We have the Carbine version of the famous L85.  A new CQB model call the AFV, and a support/sniper weapon called the L86A2.  All of them are crafted from the best materials, and the internals are built to last.  See for yourself: