Semi Auto Sniper Rifle

Due to heavy school work, I have not posted any detailed articles for a while; for that, I apologize. I promised myself to post a detailed article first thing after my final, so here it is.

Semi-auto sniper rifles are becoming more popular due to its increase of efficiency on the battlefield. Traditionally, snipers usually use bolt action sniper rifles because of the accuracy and precision of the bolt action rifles. However, the modern battlefield has changed; the sniping community demands the sniper rifles to change along with the modern battlefield.

The purpose of a semi-auto sniper rifle is to bridge the gap between a traditional sniper rifle and a standard issue assault rifle. The semi-auto sniper rifle not only allows snipers to engage targets at long range, it also allows snipers to engage the enemy in a close quarter battle situation. In the past, snipers carried a bolt action rifle for long distance engagements and an M4/M16 for close to mid range engagements. The sniper has to carry ammo for his sniper rifle (usually 7.62x51mm) and ammo for his assault rifle (5.56x45mm). This could be problematic if the sniper wants to carry as little weight as possible. With the semi-auto sniper rifle, the operator only has to carry ammo for his rifle, and he can engage targets in long distance or close quarter settings.

The main advantage of a semi-auto sniper rifle is the ability to engage multiple targets while maintaining a consistent sight picture. In other words, a traditional bolt action sniper rifle requires the operator to shoot the rifle, take his/her eyes off the target, and manipulate the bolt (extract the spent casing, and reload the weapon). On top of that, the semi-auto sniper rifle can typically hold 20 rounds, compared to the 5 round magazine capacity of the traditional bolt action counter part. The sniper can engage multiple targets faster, while reloading less and also maintaining the same level of accuracy of a traditional sniper rifle.

M14 EBR – Enhanced Battle Rifle

The M14 EBR is becoming more popular in the US military.

One of my favorite semi-auto sniper rifles is the M14 EBR, chambered in the 7.62x51mm cartridge, which has superb ballistic performance. The M14 EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) is the enhanced version of the good old M14. Weighing 11.24lb, the real EBR comes with a full top rail for mounting optics. It also comes with side and bottom rails for mounting additional accessories, such as flashlight, lasers, and forward vertical grips. Since the M14 EBR has an adjustable stock, the operator can use it in a CQB setting if the situation calls for it. The adjustable cheek riser also allows the operator to use different optic heights/style.

The G&G M14 HBA is an excellent replica of the M14 EBR.
The Trademarks on the G&G M14 HBA is extremely realistic.

The G&G M14 HBA sets the standard for M14 EBR replicas. It features an adjustable stock and cheek riser. Full metal construction, the G&G M14 HBA (Heavy Battle Arms) only weighs 9.78lbs (very similar to the real M14 EBR). It comes with a full top rail for your optic choices, and 2 side rails and a bottom rail for mounting additional accessories. The G&G M14 HBA feels extremely solid and realistic, the charging handle sounds extremely real, and it has a functional bolt lock. The bolt lock also comes in handy when adjusting the hop up.  The magazine holds 470 rounds, which comes in handy when keeping your enemies’ heads down or in room clearing.

To adjust the cheek riser, simply insert a pointy object such as a bullet.
To adjust the stock, simply push the button while adjusting the stock length.
The locking bolt make it easier to adjust the hop up.

Just like everything else in life, you can’t judge a book by its cover. The internals of the G&G M14 HBA are as well built as the external. The internals contain a standard G&G version 7 gear box, which makes the G&G M14 HBA quite upgradable. It takes standard AEG gears and version 3 spring guides. The only part that has to be G&G is the G&G M14 Cylinder Kit. However, the G&G M14 HBA is perfect right out of the box, both performance and reliability wise. The G&G M14 HBA (short) shoots about 350 fps (with 0.20g bbs) right out of the box, which is perfect for CQB; but with the right spring and the right technician skills, the operator can bring it up to sniper spec.


My most favorite semi-auto sniper rifle is the SR-25 carbine weapon system, because it resembles the M4/M16/AR15 platform a lot. As a trained operator on the AR-15 platform, working on an SR-25 carbine weapon system requires little to no additional skills whatsoever. The SR-25 platform is exactly the same thing as the M4/AR-15 weapon platform, but just a little bit bigger. Chambered in the 7.62x51mm cartridge, the SR-25 carbine weapon system has the same ballistic performance as the M14, which is very lethal. Weighing in at 7.5lbs (carbine), the real SR-25 Carbine is the lightest 7.62x51mm semi-auto sniper rifle in the world.

The Echo 1 SR-25K is an excellent replica of the SR-25 Carbine.
A “Berrel Extension” is specifically built for the SR-25 Series.

As I have mentioned before, the difference between the SR-25 Carbine weapon system and the AR-15 weapon system are very minimal. In fact, the SR-25 Carbine weapon system is as modular as the AR-15/M4 platform. It comes with a 10 inch rail system with an integrated front sight. The top has a continuous top rail for mounting optics, including night vision. It comes with a 600 meter backup rear sight. The SR-25 carbine comes with a retractable stock; therefore, it can be used in a CQB environment. Again, the SR-25 Carbine accepts a 20 round box fed magazine, just like the M14 EBR.

The Echo 1 ER-25K is a perfect example of an SR-25 Carbine replica. It features a 10 inch RAS unit which has an integrated front sight built into it. It comes with a 600 meter back up rear sight. The Echo 1 ER-25K comes with a retractable crane stock, which can be adjusted depending on the operator and/or situation. The Echo 1 ER-25K also comes with a barrel extension, which increase the potential of the rifle. Along with a 10 power scope, a bipod, and a high power flashlight, the Echo 1 ER-25K is perfect for every situation an operator might encounter.

The ER25K comes with 6 position adjustable stock.

The internals of the Echo 1 ER-25K is also very upgrade friendly. The gear box, piston and the gears are Echo 1 ER25 Custom. It uses a version 2 cylinder, cylinder head, piston head, and tappet plate. It uses a custom nozzle; however, a G36 nozzle with slight modification will do just fine. The hop up is an M4/M16 hop up, and it uses a long type motor. As you can see, if you want to upgrade this gun, the parts are very common.

Echo 1 ER25K comes with a 600 meter style rear sight.
The ER25k comes with a integrated front sight, making the rail system extremely low profile.

Overall, if you are sick of the everyday M4/M16 and AK platform and would like something different, the M14 HBA and the ER-25K are the way to go. The SR-25 Carbine basically is a bigger M4/16. It packs a bigger punch and has a longer range. The M14 EBR is the “enhanced” version of the M14, making it more ergonomic, more user friendly, and more multi-purpose driven. Check out the Echo 1 ER25K and the G&G M14 HBA at Until next time, I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft!

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