Airsoft GI is Going Nuts! More Giveaways for YOU!!!!

Alright folks, I received a lot of requests urging me to do the “The Phrase That Pays” giveaway again. After long consideration and convincing my boss, once again we will have “The Phrase That Pays” contest! So Listen up.

Prize: WE Full Metal M9 Gas Blowback Pistol

This time, the phrase will contain 10 words. However, they will be scrambled or out of order. In order to win the contest, you must collect all 10 words, and put them in order. The first one to answer the phrase correctly on Facebook will win a very nice prize.

The price we are giving out for this time is a WE Full Metal M9 Airsoft Gun. That’s right folks, another Gas Blow Back Pistol! Please read the following rules and regulations carefully!

Rules & Regulations

  1. Read the articles on
  2. Collect all 10 words from the articles
  3. Put those 10 words in order to form the phrase
  4. Must be an Airsoft GI Facebook Fan
  5. Must share each article on your Facebook Wall
  6. First one to answer Airsoft GI’s Facebook Status update correctly on 04/06/2012 will be the winner.
  7. Share this status on your facebook wall
  8. US only, Winner must have a valid United States Address

So airsofters, keep checking for new articles daily! Good Luck!

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