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Month: May 2017

Best High End AEG? We Have Some Contenders

A competitively priced, high end AEG used to mean a $500 price tag and up with modification still needed to achieve the desired results. This was back when rail systems hadn’t fully caught on, however. Back when Airsoft in the U.S. was still fairly young. As time continued to press forward, we saw many companies rise to the demand of the players from around the globe and prices begin to get lower as components and capabilities began to sync up at an impressive level.

The Contenders:

There are many incredible brands out there that make fantastic high end AEGs. Some of note are Krytac, Elite Force, VFC, Classic Army, King Arms, Tokyo Marui, KWA, and G&G. As we have progressed, many of these lines have stepped up their game to put out as much technological advancement in to their series as possible. For now, we are going to cover three of these: Krytac, Elite Force, and Classic Army.

Discount Code Scavenger Hunt

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How many of you guys are up for a discount code Scavenger hunt? For a limited time only (until June 9th, 2017) We’ve hidden a discount code on the Airsoft GI Website. The game is simple, you don’t need to make any accounts, or subscribe and follow and retweet a bunch of stuff, you just have to look around the Airsoft GI Website and find it!

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Airsoft Basics – Gear Setup Part One | Assault

It’s that time again, as we grab our tactical MRE Sporks and dig into another edition of Airsoft Basics! Today’s topic is Gear Setup, and how you can configure a vest (and which vest to pick) for any given task on the airsoft field! Whether you’re looking for a tactical assault set up, a slim lightweight sniper’s loadout or an “everything but the kitchen sink” rig we’ll get you covered on some of the basic set ups you may be interested in.
Before we begin, it’s important to note that we’re basing this advice on personal experience playing airsoft. This is by no means to be construed as a be-all-end-all way to set up your gear. As with most things in the hobby of airsoft, Personal experience makes a big difference in how you’ll set up your gear versus someone else. Additionally, while it’s not the advice given in this article, sometimes people will make concessions for the sake of looking good or because it’s accurate to an impression-based kit they are trying to set up. All of these are perfectly valid, and it’s going to be up to you to decide how you want to do it.

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Game Type Ideas: Fox in the Chicken Coop

You don’t always need to go to fields to have a great time with airsoft or get an exciting game type. A lot of times you can get the same enjoyment from setting up private games with your friends wherever able. Especially for those of you who don’t have the necessary fields close by to deliver standing game play. I know that as much as we love our local fields, it isn’t always viable for us to get to them.

Game Type and gameplay from ACVT crew
The old crew from the Airsoft Club at Virginia Tech

So in today’s blog post, and more blog posts to come, we will share game type ideas to help get more diversity in to your airsoft experience. This is a game type that I first played with my group of friends while studying in college and playing at a local area the National Parks service granted us to play on (as long as we informed them prior to our trips out).


New Product Spotlight – Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4

Hey Guys,
Here’s a quick review of the updates on the newly released Gen 2 LT19 M4s from Lancer Tactical. These guns are made from a quite robust reinforced polymer, and are a major upgrade from the previous generation, though still sitting in the “budget / beginner” price range (low $100 or so, depending on the model). Here’s a link to check them out:


a big improvement over previous generation, this 8mm gearbox features a quick change spring guide
Full internals set from Gen 2 LT m4

External Review

The biggest improvement here is the change in the material from the cheaper plastic parts on previous LT models. The updated polymer portions have the feel and coloration similar to that of G&G Combat Machine or VFC M4s. As such, they have an overall sturdiness generally not found on rifles in this price range. Additionally, metal has been used instead of plastic on many key parts. Including: the fire selector, bolt release, trigger guard, motor grip plate, magazine catch, charging handle and front end assembly. The Upper receiver and barrel are standard dimension too! This means you will be able to change out for your favorite front end accessories and configurations.

I would like to note that the buffer tube is also made from polymer, but it still seems pretty sturdy due to the part’s thickness and I don’t suspect it would be easy to damage. All of the externals are standard size, so it is able to accept any aftermarket grips and stocks you may want to add.

Internal Review

The hop up now utilizes a rotary design very similar to the Prowin Hopups, aside from the chamber itself being made from plastic. The inner barrel is a Brass 6.03mm tight-bore.The superior design leads to some pretty impressive trajectory, especially given the gun’s price point!

review of hopup
Rotary Hopup is similar to the Prowin design but made from plastic

They have updated the mechbox as well. It now features 8mm steel bushings, XYT gears, a full metal rack piston, and a quick change spring which seems to be becoming an industry standard.

XYT have a good reputation of durability and are featured in many different models of airsoft guns
XYT Gears and Silver plated wiring

The other parts in the mechbox are typical of China-made guns. The piston head and air nozzle don’t seal very well in their stock configuration. This could potentially lead to air compression inefficiency. Good news though, the mechbox will accept any standard V2 internal mechbox components!

the piston head is lacking in proper air seal but the piston itself is robust in durability
Front mounted polymer piston head on full metal rack piston

This new line of LT19 M4s from Lancer Tactical is a substantial improvement from their previous production models.  Also included is a battery and charger. So, as a beginner you’re almost ready to get out and play straight out of the box. The price point is very competitive for the quality, especially when compared with competitors in the same range. There are some shortcomings as far as tuning goes, as you might expect, but there isn’t anything that effects overall function or that can’t be upgraded. This gun definitely falls in with the trend of all manufacturers steadily improving performance and price point on all models over the years. Check it out!


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