Game Type Ideas: Fox in the Chicken Coop

You don’t always need to go to fields to have a great time with airsoft or get an exciting game type. A lot of times you can get the same enjoyment from setting up private games with your friends wherever able. Especially for those of you who don’t have the necessary fields close by to deliver standing game play. I know that as much as we love our local fields, it isn’t always viable for us to get to them.

Game Type and gameplay from ACVT crew
The old crew from the Airsoft Club at Virginia Tech

So in today’s blog post, and more blog posts to come, we will share game type ideas to help get more diversity in to your airsoft experience. This is a game type that I first played with my group of friends while studying in college and playing at a local area the National Parks service granted us to play on (as long as we informed them prior to our trips out).

Fox In The Chicken Coop

This game is a variant of a VIP mission type. It is a fast paced, objective oriented game that works well in many conditions.

2 Teams: roughly 4:1 or 5:1 in the VIP team favor.

  • Assassin team, including 1 mole working with VIP team.
  • VIP team, including bodyguards and a single target VIP.
Fox in the Chicken Coop Gameplay and gametype
For the mole in this game type, blending in with not only your environment but also the enemy team is paramount


  • The Assassins choose 1 player from the VIP team to be a mole. The mole is unbeknownst to the VIP team, and therefore could be any one of the bodyguards.
  • The VIP team has an LOD (Line of Departure) and an OBJ (objective) that the Assassin team know, thanks to the mole.
  • The VIP team also has a set period of time to reach the OBJ before the mole goes active; ~5 minutes.

How The Game Type Plays:

Although the VIP team has superior firepower, the Assassin team has the element of surprise, as well as an incentive to stall the VIP team from reaching the OBJ until the Mole becomes active. After the time limit expires, the Mole is allowed to use CQB weapon systems to dispatch the VIP or his bodyguards. The VIP therefore must act quickly and decisively to win the game, since the VIPs chances of survival go down drastically once the Mole becomes active.

Tiger Stripe camo to blend in during Gameplay
An ACVT player rolling in

Winning Conditions:

  • The VIP team wins if the VIP player reaches the OBJ.
  • The Assassin team wins if the VIP player is killed.

-All photos shamelessly stolen from my friends over at the Airsoft Club of Virginia Tech. Thanks for all the fun memories, fellas!

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