Get Out and Play

Month: April 2012

The First Ever Airsoft GI Iron Sight Pistol Challenge Was A Great Success!

We had a lot of fun at the first ever Airsoft GI Iron Sight Pistol Challenge this past Saturday, and would like to thank everyone who came out and helped make it such a success. A special thank you to KWA for sponsoring the event, and Congratulations to Andrew “Drewcifer” Loya for winning the competition and to Drek “Yes” Ngo for being the runner up! We can’t wait to have another one of these competitions in the future!


Shockers, Bro!

There are special shockers now available from Airsoft GI! These products are available at greatly reduced prices and in limited quantities, so grab them while you can! When you combine discounted shocker prices with discount codes, free shipping, and 2% rewards back, the Airsoft GI Savings Trifecta becomes a Savings Quadrafecta!

Do you want to see how much you could potentially save on your purchase with the Airsoft GI Savings Trifecta? Try using our new savings calculator in your shopping cart! Simply click the “calculate shipping and savings” button, and a new window will open prompting you for your zip code and a coupon code. If you do not know any active coupon codes, you can click the “click here for list of coupons” button and it will open a window with all of our current coupon codes and their percentages. Once you have entered your zip and coupon codes, the calculator will break down the savings for you immediately! As you can see in our example, this customer would save over 18% on their order!


Condor Summit Zero Jackets

Condor Outdoor is a tactical gear company known for its quality tactical equipment and apparel. The company has over 20 years of experience in the tactical and outdoor gear industry and it has always designed the products around the end users, whether it is military, law enforcement, or airsoft hobbyists. Although Condor Outdoor mass produces on their products, the company has never neglected the details and what the end users need.


The Phrase That Pays, Again?

That’s right guys! Airsoft GI is doing another “The Phrase that Pays” contest! I have received a lot of emails stating that they were never the winner. After a long consideration, I have decided to change up the contest a little bit.


Airsoft in Movies!

Airsoft guns are part of our lives more often than we think. In the movie industry, airsoft guns are used in a lot of movies and we might not even know about it. There are a lot of reasons, besides the cost and time, movie studios use airsoft guns instead of real firearms firing blanks, but the main reason is safety. Do you guys remember the movie “The Crow”? The famous actor/martial artist, son of Bruce Lee, was killed on the set for that movie. The movie studio was using a real .44 magnum revolver, and a long chain of unfortunate events followed, Brandon Lee was fatally shot on the set.

It is very expensive and time consuming when using real firearms on the set, movie studios must have a person who is in charge of the firearms, called a gun wrangler. No one on the set is allowed to handle the firearms except for the gun wrangler and the actor/actress. Before the scene is filmed, the gun wrangler will instruct the actor/actress on gun safety, and hand them the gun. When the scene is done, the actor/actress will hand the firearm back over to the gun wrangler. As you can see, the process is very time consuming, and the gun wrangler is not cheap to hire, on top of the cost of the firearm or firearm rental. Also, insurance is also very expensive, not to mention the cost of emergency medical personnel on the set.