Condor Summit Zero Jackets

Condor Outdoor is a tactical gear company known for its quality tactical equipment and apparel. The company has over 20 years of experience in the tactical and outdoor gear industry and it has always designed the products around the end users, whether it is military, law enforcement, or airsoft hobbyists. Although Condor Outdoor mass produces on their products, the company has never neglected the details and what the end users need.

As you might be aware, soft shell jackets have become more and more popular due to their versatility. They are durable, water resistance, lightweight, and breathable, perfect for all environments found in today’s combat zones. The first Condor soft shell jacket featured fleece lining to keep the operator warm. However, the jacket is obsolete in summer time because it simply is too hot.

During summer, I usually put on the Condor Outdoor older soft shell jacket when I go play airsoft. However, after a couple hours, the fleece lining acts as an oven, and I would be dehydrated. I do not like taking the jacket off because I do not want to get hit by bbs without some kind of protection. So basically I had to choose between dying from heat stroke and getting hit bare skinned.

Recently, I had the opportunity to test out Condor Outdoor’s new soft shell jacket, thanks to the purchasing department and my boss. The new Condor soft shell jacket, the Summit Zero Jacket, is essentially the same jacket as the old one, without the fleece lining. This jacket is built for warmer climate use. I use the new Summit Zero jacket on those odd hot rainy days.

The Condor Summit Zero Lightweight Jacket contains 3 layers. The shell layer is made of 100% polyester, 4 way elastic, and high density fabric. The Mid layer is made of breathable film membrane. The inner layer is made of polyester and spandex. The jacket is extremely light weight, and it is water resistance. It keeps water out and heat in. obviously, this jacket is not designed to be worn in colder environments, but for warmer spring weather with light rain, this jacket is perfect.

The California Weather

The most interesting experience I had with the Condor Summit Zero Lightweight jacket came during a cool April day in Southern California. Usually on a rainy day, I would wear my old Condor Soft Shell Jacket with the fleece lining. However, that day, it was warmer than usual. Luckily for me, I left my Condor Summit Zero Lightweight Jacket in my trunk the night before. I quickly grabbed it and put it on. The jacket did its job, it kept me dry and kept me cool.


Just like the older soft shell jackets, the Summit Zero features 8 pockets; 6 externals and 2 internal pockets. The 4 external pockets feature grommets, which allow the user to run a headphone through them. The pockets (with the grommets) are big enough to fit your ipod/mp3 players. Or for you older generation folks, the chest pockets are big enough to fit your CD players.

There are 3 ventilation points on this jacket, 2 under the armpit, and one at the lower back. The lower back ventilation point acts as a pocket as well. There are 2 internal pockets; they are great for hiding wallets and money. In fact, my dad and my mom just left for a vacation in Brazil, and he wanted a jacket with water resistant capabilities, but it had to be light weight and be able to keep him cool. So I lent him the Summit Zero Jacket. The first thing he liked about it is the fact that it is lightweight, water resistant, and it is a warm weather jacket. The thing he liked most was the internal pockets, which allowed him to hid money and passport.

The Condor Outdoor Summit Zero Lightweight jacket is perfect for all purpose use. It is lightweight, water resistant and it is not too hot to use in a warm weather environment. The hook and loop on the sleeves are perfect for morale patches, or patches that represent your airsoft team or law enforcement agencies. The Summit Zero Lightweight jacket will be available soon on I am Andrew, stay safe, and get out and play airsoft!

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