The Phrase That Pays, Again?

That’s right guys! Airsoft GI is doing another “The Phrase that Pays” contest! I have received a lot of emails stating that they were never the winner. After a long consideration, I have decided to change up the contest a little bit.

This time, there will be 16 words. Collect all 16 words and put them in order. Answer the Airsoft GI status update on facebook (05/07/2012) correctly for a chance to win the prize! The winner will be randomly selected on 05/08/2012.

The prize we are giving out for this time is a KWA Full Metal A.T.P. Airsoft Gun! The newest generation of the KWA ATP has a lot of cool features, such as subdued trades and much more!  Please read the following rules and regulations carefully!

Rules & Regulations

  1. Read the articles on
  2. Collect all 16 words from the articles
  3. Put those 16 words in order to form the phrase
  4. Must be an Airsoft GI Facebook Fan
  5. Must share each article on your Facebook Wall
  6. Answer the Airsoft GI Facebook correctly on 05/07/2012, and the winner will be randomly selected on 05/08/2012.
  7. Share this status on your facebook wall
  8. US only, Winner must have a valid United States Address

So airsofters, keep checking for new articles daily! Good Luck!

6 Replies to “The Phrase That Pays, Again?”

  • This makes no sense to me. If you post the answer on the status update (hypothetically say I was the only one to actually get it) then everyone else could just copy it….It doesn’t seem fair whatsoever….

  • we didn’t say type out the answer, if you read the post, all we said is click like and share if you are able to find the words 😀

  • What do these words look like, are they in order, is there some sort of legend?? I don’t know what i’m looking for, just reading them over and over.

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