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No Bots, No BS! – One Cent Deal

Here at Airsoft GI,we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service possible. Our team works day and night to provide the best service and deals possible! We love giving back to the airsoft community as well. Our One Cent Deal give us the chance to give back to our loyal customers! There have been a lot of skeptics however. So I want to take the time to clarify a few things.

Shipping is not increased!

First on the list is the price. We have a lot of skeptics saying “The gun is one cent and the shipping is the remaining balance”. This is the furthest from the truth. We do not inflate our shipping costs to make up the difference for the cost of the gun. Our shipping is processed by weight. The heavier the package is, the more expensive the shipping will be. This includes the method of shipping as well. If you select “Next Day Air” shipping, of course the price will be very expensive!

No Bots can purchase the item!

Now there are some people who miss out on the deal and say that it was a BOT that got the gun. THIS IS ALSO NOT TRUE! We have security systems active to prevent BOTs or automatic software from making purchases. The last One Cent Deal we had sold in under 5 seconds and there were over 1100 people looking at the page when it went live! You are going up against other people and only people!

It is really a randomized time!

Some people think we have someone monitoring the website and will release the product when we have a high volume of people. We select a time frame when the item will be released. Our program will randomly select a time within this time frame.

So How Do I Win?

Easy! We’ll have a window posted below with the time frame for the drop! Make sure you click HERE so you can see the item page, and when it goes live on the website you can try to buy it. There is ONLY ONE available, so it’s the fastest to complete the check out process wins! If you do not win, you will not be charged. While you wait, why don’t you check out some of our awesome deals on Starter Packs, Custom guns, or New Products? If you feel so inclined, use “EXPO2019” and score free shipping for any orders over $14.99 until September 28th! You could also check out our new FOMO mystery box, BIG 10.0 Mystery Box and get ready for that to drop on the 19th! We are loaded with great chances to win cool stuff!

When Does It Drop?

Our newest One Cent Deal to win a Custom Apex Fast Attack Mini SPR AEG for ONLY A PENNY drops:

  • Sunday, September 22th 2019
  • Sometime between 3PM and 8PM PST

Remember! There’s only one, and as long as you all keep supporting us as customers and fans, we’ll keep doing awesome deals like this!

Will YOU be our next winner?

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